Thursday, 25 August 2016

My Holy Grail Product

I've been blogging since 2014 and it recently occurred to me that I have never mentioned this products. I have repurchased this product more times than I can remember. Prior to using this, I had tried every method of removing my Make Up from wipes to other cleansing lotions but nothing even comes close to this.

It seems like a simple process but even after using this on a daily basis for years now, it still amazes me. The sensation of it cleansing your skin feels so amazing, I feel so clean after using it and it really feels like the product removes every last little unwanted particle from my face. 

I have also tried the blue version of this ( I can't remember the proper name!) but that was also amazing, that one was specialised for oily skin, which I have and that felt equally, if not more satisfying to use.

I know this a short post, but I just found it astonishing that I had never posted about this before. If you're looking for a new cleanser, I would highly recommend my holy grail product, I promise it won't disappoint!

Lily xo 


Monday, 22 August 2016

The Body Shop vegetarian face mask review

I originally planned to post this last week, however it's been delayed due to me being out the house the time this was delivered, so instead the postman decided to leave it with my neighbours who are never home! Anyway, finally I caught them and collected my long awaited parcel.

These 5 well packaged tubs are new to The Body Shop's collection. They are nature inspired 100% vegetarian face masks for all skin types. The retail price per pot is £15, considering the quality and effect that these masks have on my skin, I don't think that's a bad price at all! 

As I mentioned, these masks are suited for all skin types, so I'm going to start by telling you which masks best suit my skin and why and then i'll move on to an overall introduction to each mask itself.

Although I had a delay in these masks arriving, I must admit that they couldn't have come at a better time. I have been having the worst skin problems these past few days with breakouts and oiliness and I feel so much better after applying these masks! 

Let me give an introduction to my skin type. So as I'm now in my late teens, I do experience an odd break out here and there but my skin is rather a combination. I find that its more oily/combination but I do experience dryness around my eyes and around my nose stud especially. My skin can be very uneven at times which makes it hard to find skin products that suit my entire face.

Luckily, I used 3 of the masks specifically suited to these areas! First I applied the Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask to my chin area which helped even out my skin, then I used the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask over my cheeks and around my eyes which added a bit more moisture to my dry areas as well as providing a dewy glow to my cheekbones. And finally I applied the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask to my T - zone as this is where my pores are the worst as you can probably see along my nose where the mask has dried, this mask helps release impurities and unclogs the skin.

I must admit, my skin felt so unbelievably soft after washing this off, I could feel the difference almost straight away! And when I woke up the next morning, it was as if all my skin worries had just disappeared, I was having one of the best skin days, my skin looked even and so awake! I highly rate these masks, an added bonus as well is the smell, they are possibly one of the best things I've ever smelt in my life...

Amazonian Acai - Energise Me

This mask claims to make skin look less tired and feel more invigorated. I'm actually saving this mask for my stressed out days, when I get little to no sleep and want to trick the world in to thinking I am actually well rested.

The formula reminds me a bit of a Jam, probably due to it being made form acai berry! It's smell reminds me of something and I can't quite put my finger on what it is that it reminds me of, so if you pick up this mask and the smell reminds you of something in particular, let me know because it's killing me trying to figure it out.

This mask is definitely aimed at those hard working women, and as I am currently on my summer holidays, I feel I don't quite class in this category yet.. let's see how I feel when Uni stress and coursework kicks in! So i'm thinking of trying this out on my mum, I feel like it's right up her street and she's been bugging me ever since these masks arrived to give her a facial!

Ethiopian Honey - Nourish Me

The aim of this mask is to comfort skin, making it feel softer and more nourished. This would be great for flying and long journeys as it keeps the skin hydrated and has that relaxed vibe to it, so even though we have a long time to wait, i'm going to use this on my flight over to America if I get accepted to work on Camp America next summer ( you can read about that here!). 

If it's not obvious, the formula for this includes pure community trade honey as well as organic olive oil from Italy. This is what makes the mail so nourishing and comforting to the skin.

Himalayan Charcoal - Detoxify Me

Now on to my favourite!! This mask is most suited for my skin type and I noticed the best results from using it. It detoxifies the skin, making pores appear more refined and the skin feeling unclogged. Also, this mask smells amazing!! Due to the tea tree oil in the mask, it helps the skin look clearer.

When I applied the mask, it instantly felt cool and soothing and I could tell it was doing it's job.

If you're in your teens or are having a bit of break out recently, this is the mask I would recommend. It really does sooth the skin and gets rid of all the dirt and toxins and bacteria that build up causing those nasty unwanted break outs.

British Rose- Hydrate Me

Dry Skin? This is the mask for you! 

Let me start of by saying wow, this mask smells better than I can even describe, it just smells like heaven in a pot let's put it that way! 

As I mentioned, I'm dry around my eyes, hence why this is where I applied the mask. The next morning when I was applying my concealer, I noticed straight away that it didn't stick to my dry areas, it actually applied smoothly and angelically and let me say this does not happen often!! 

Chinese Ginseng & Rice - Illuminate Me

This creamy formula softens and evens the skin whilst revealing a brightness to the area applied. This is also another mask I would purchase for my skin type. Because of the Ginseng, the mask develops the property of toning the skin helping it revitalise. Ginseng also helps stimulate circulation in the skin which helps the cell renewal process in your skin.

The Body Shop recommend applying this mask warm for best results! 

I would recommend this particular mask for anyone who feels their skin is feeling a bit dull and could do with a boost!  

Overall, I love these masks! Retailed at £15 per pot is amazing considering their effect on the skin. Although, buying all 5 masks will definitely bring the price up but you only need to find the masks specific to your skin type! 

Tired Skin? Amazonian Acai
Dry Skin? British Rose
Dull Skin? Chinese Ginseng & Rice
Spot Prone Skin? Himalayan Charcoal
Stressed out Skin? Ethiopian Honey

Which of these masks sounds best for your skin type?

Lily xo

*products provided for review, own opinion and views written. See Here for more info.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

All things Highlight & Contour...

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, in fact it was pretty much since my ABH Contour Palette arrived through the post last month and may I add, this is hands down the best products I have bought all year. I am in love! It's ever so creamy and pigmented as well long lasting and the finish just looks so natural, the one and only flaw I would have is the amount it creases under my eyes but with the help of my little friend Ben Nye Banana Powder, this problem is easily fixed!

The products shown above are the ones I use when I want a natural matte finish, this is why no shimmery highlighters are included. It all depends how I feel when I wake up on a morning, do I want to slay with my glow or do I want to look flawless matte?

Seeing as I've already talked about my Sleek Highlight here.  I thought I'd guide you through my matte look.

I tend to usually apply my primer, foundation, eyeshadow before my contour due to the fact I don't want fallout from my eyeshadow. The only thing I actually apply after my contour is my brows, but obviously I decided I wanted my brows for this blog post. I always start with my highlight from the ABH Cream contour, I use the shade "Banana" under my eyes as I feel this is what makes me look more awake as well as hiding those bags well. It also works hand in hand with the Ben Nye powder and just gives the most amazing finish.

I then follow with the shade "Fair" and highlight my 
  • Forehead (I have a small forehead so I take this up quite high)
  • Chin
  • Cupids Bow
  • Bridge of nose
  • Corner of Lips

After Highlight, it's time for the darker stuff! The Light ABH Palette comes with 3 similar contour shades, my favourites being "Light Sculpt" which I tend to use for a bronze effect and then "Havana" which is a darker shade which I use more for sculpting. I start with my cheekbones with "Light Sculpt" and then darken this underneath along my cheekbone for a more defined look. I also place "Light Sculpt" under the bottom of my lip for a more poutier illusion. For my forehead, as I mentioned I have a smaller forehead so I only place a small amount compared to the highlight to make it appear slightly bigger than it is, I start with "Havana" along the hairline and blend down with "Light Sculpt". To finish with the cream, I place "Havana" along my jawline, down the sides of my nose and two half moons on my temples for a slimmer illusion.

Once I'm done with the cream contour, a take a damp sponge and dab my worries away!

I'll then bake under my eyes with the Banana powder and leave that there whilst I take Benefits Hoola Bronzer and softly blend this over the areas I took my contour. 

I really do not know what I did before I bought ABH's contour palette, it really is my holy grail product and even though it is on the pricey end, if it's something you're on the fence about I can promise you it is 100% worth the money!!

What are your Go To Highlight & Contour Products?

Lily xo


Thursday, 18 August 2016

WANTED : Guest Bloggers

As I've mentioned before, a big reason behind my blogging is to meet friends in the blogging world. I thought, the best way to kickstart this was to open up to collaborations. So, I had the idea that from now on, every Wednesday will be Guest Post day!

This is open to bloggers of every kind of genre! All you have to do is email me at introducing yourself, a bit about your blog and the title of the post that you're wanting me to publish and then I will respond with a date for your post which then I will need to receive at least 3 days prior to the scheduled post!

Whether you're new to blogging and need an Introduction to your blog or whether you've been blogging for years and just need a bit of a promotion on one of your latest posts! Guest Blogging is a great way to promote your blog so if you're interested just drop me an email!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Lily xo

Monday, 15 August 2016

Are Kylie Cosmetic Lip Kits really worth the hype??

After months of uhming and ahhing, I finally decided to take the plunge into the famous "Kylie Lip Kits". When these were very first realised, I have to admit, I couldn't imagine them being the greatest of formulas, I definitely judged way too quickly. I read multiple reviews highly rating the products and with what each review said, they all commented on the same high points such as the "pigmentation" and "long lasting formula" and the one that appealed to me the most were the words "non drying". The condition of my lips are very poor, ever since I was a child I would pick at them or bite at them especially when I got nervous leading my lips to bleed and it's still a habit I have to this day! I also have a huge thing for Matte Liquid Lipsticks, I love the finish and simply just the overall look. Unfortunately for me, dry lips and liquid lipsticks have never gone together well. Anyway, that was until Kylie came out with this genius formula...

I'm going to look at 3 different factors whilst reviewing this, price, colour and formula. 

Starting with price! I picked up 3 of the lip kits in "Posie K" "Dolce K" and "Kourt K". Each LipKit was prices at $29 each which is about £22 so at the sound of this, for £22 you receive a liquid lipstick and a lip liner and I think that is really reasonably priced! However, this shipping is what really bulks the price up and i'll get to that in a minute. I was aware that I would have to be paying a fair bit of custom fee's so I thought I might as well purchase 3 LipKits in one go, to save myself going back and forth and paying even more on shipping and customs. So all 3 LipKits Plus shipping came to $101.95 (£78) the shipping included in this amount is $14.95 ( about £11) and again, £11 shipping from the US to the UK isn't that much so I was okay with parting with this money for my items. It didn't even take long for my Kits to arrive, I placed my order on the 20th of July and had them in hand on the 29th! However, I did have to pay a customs fee of £20 taking my total of the Lip Kits to almost £100. Now, for 3 Lip Kits, that does sound rather on the pricey side. Had I lived in America, I would have absolutely no problem buying these Lip Kits on a regular basis due to their high quality but the fact I ended up spending more on shipping than one Lip Kit is worth, really made me think. If Kylie had a UK Stockist, I wouldn't have a problem, she would definitely be earning a lot of money from me!!

Like I mentioned above, having dry chapped lips makes it difficult for me to wear liquid lipsticks any longer than a few hours before I start picking at the dry patches that the formula leaves behind which just results in one giant ugly mess around my mouth. I've had this problem from the NYX matte lipsticks to the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matters, whilst being still amazing lipsticks, I just cannot wear them unless I am having a super amazing lip day!! But, this is where Kylie has just hit all the high scores in my book, because as soon as I applied her Lip Kits, it felt as if nothing was even sitting on my lips! The lip liner is too creamy for words and just glides on without drying out the lips as you draw as most lip liners do and then the liquid lipstick just sits so amazingly on top and when I purse my lips together, it doesn't stick or move or crease or anything. It honestly feels like I don't have anything on my lips, it was amazing! It stayed like this the entire day too, at times I even forgot I was even wearing her Lip Kits! I really can't even emphasise enough how much of a fan I am of this formula.

Moving on to the colours, the colours of the Lip Kits aren't exactly anything "special" and I s
ay that in quotation marks because other brands do cover these colours. However, these are the colours that I will usually reach for anyway. I'm not into bold colours like in Jeffree Star's collection, I prefer my more natural colours with a red or purple here and there. So, even though you can get a colour dupe of Kylie's Lip Kits, I can not name one brand that is a dupe for her formula. If it's her colours you're looking for, great, there are so many dupes you can try. But if you're after her formula? I'd just go for the real thing!

Out of the 3 factors I reviewed, the only one that puts me off buying from Kylies website again is the price. Not because she has made her products expensive, it's simply down to the custom fee's which is even out of Kylie's hands. I can only hope that she looks into a UK Stockist so I can move on with my collection.

Whats your opinion of Kylie's Products?

Dolce K

Kourt K

Posie K

Lily xo


Sunday, 14 August 2016

Collaboration with

Hello followers of Lily's Blog! Myself and Lily have enrolled in a collaboration with each other to bring exciting posts to you the readers!

So, a little information about myself! I'm your average 17 year old called Jack from the Lake District (Cumbria). I am currently studying in my second year of A-Levels (Math, Further Math, Physics and History), thrilling subjects I know! When I'm not studying for my A-Levels I am capturing photographs of the Cumbrian landscapes and various other places around the world. I have a passion for playing the piano and also the saxophone. When I'm not at home I will more than likely be at my holiday home in Florida catching some rays. Every week I try to go on 'an adventure', this can be up a mountain or into the woods, accompanying me on my adventures is usually my dog who will feature in some of my posts!

You can check out my content at and you can also keep up to date with my daily travels on snapchat - @jackkcc1.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to working with Lily to bring engaging content for you!

Jack :)

Thursday, 11 August 2016

10 Weeks in America!! CA Introduction

2 posts in a day, crazy right?! I've been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now, it's a little different from my other posts as this is my first travel post (hopefully of many to come!!). I've wanted to travel for as long as I can remember, there's a long list of places that I aim to tick off my list in the next 5 years which I will soon write another blog post on. But the first of this list that I'm going to tick off (again,hopefully!) is Camp America.

Camp America is an agency that pulls together travellers all over the world with the passion to work with children. They work with hundreds of camps in America from private camps to girl scout camps to underprivileged camps. It's basically like a real life "The Parent Trap"!!

Over the past couple of months, I'd been planning where to start my journey when I finish college this year and this agency came out multiple times. So I decided that I would do some research, I read every single word on their website and all of their YouTube videos and I knew this is what I wanted to do more than anything. So, I applied!

The overall cost including flights, visas, insurance comes to just below £600 which comes as both a chrisoms present and 18th Birthday present from my parents. I'm over the moon about this, I don't see  this as missing out on materialistic presents, I see it as a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never regret.

The camp itself consist of 9 week working as a Camp Counsellor being responsible for a cabin of children through this time whilst also working on a particular skill throughout the days. After camp finishes, you have the opportunity of up to 30 days travelling America and can get a 15% discount off Camp America Treks where you can pretty much tour the entire of the US.

The application process was pretty simple, it was basically just telling the agency about yourself, your skills, your references, your experience working with children etc. One optional step of the application is putting together a short introductory video which will go to the camp directors who will decide if they want to hire you. For me, this was completely out of my comfort zone, I cringe at my voice on record and just sitting there editing myself was something entirely new to me! But as cringe as it was, it was actually quite enjoyable seeing the whole thing come together and makes me think that i'd actually like to start vlogging one day and maybe if I end up on camp, I will blog my experience!

The skills I put down where arts & crafts, Horse Riding, Synchronised Swimming & Theatre Make UP (obviously). I've always been an arty creative person and I think arts & crafts would be so much fun with kids, I also have my art GCSE and a creative BTEC Extended Diploma. I put Horse Riding down because I have been doing this pretty much as long as I could walk and still have my own horses to this day. Synchronised Swimming was something I did from the ages of 9 and 14 and even competed in the nationals so I felt this was also a relevant skill to include. And finally, Theatre Make Up because it is my passion and future career!

Once I sent through my application, I got to chose my Interviewer and after speaking to her over the phone, we have arranged our meeting for Tuesday 30th August (wish me luck!!) and I am so excited but just as nervous!

As this is just the beginning of my journey, I have so many questions. By blogging my stages, I hope that I can help you all with the same journey if you chose to repeat it next year or whenever. I will keep you all up to date with my status and whereabouts I am with my journey, it's all so exciting!!

Are you thinking about travelling anytime soon? If so, where to?

Lily xo
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