Thursday, 6 April 2017

My first tattoo & its meaning

Hello!! After a couple of months i'm finally back with a new post!

So if you follow me on instagram you'll know that I received my first very tattoo a few weeks back. This was something I have known I've wanted for a while and once I turned 18 back in February, I was more than certain that I was going to go through with it. 

Obviously it's really important to do your research before you settle on your tattoo parlour, however I have family friends who I trusted and decided there was no need for me to go anywhere else.

I'm not here to talk about the pain or the experience today, if any of you were wondering that though, just let me know and I can sort a post out or answer any questions over on my twitter at @lilydealxo.

The reason I am here is to talk about the meaning behind my tattoo. As I mentioned earlier, this was  tattoo I had planned for a while opposed to an "oh I just turned 18, let's get a tattoo!!" don't get me wrong though, tattoo's don't have to have a meaning, they're a work of art in themselves and I am totally open minded about anyone and everyones tattoos.

If you know me, you know the amount of wanderlust I have in me just dying to escape and this Summer is where my journey starts with travelling America for 3 months. And after that, I have a whole list of places I plan to visit in my uni breaks such as Ghana, Iceland and interrail. I can't explain this feeling inside me, all I want is to see the world and meet people of all different cultures. I love to learn and I think theres only so much a textbook can teach you, I want to go out there and experience it all, I don't just want to see the pretty places, I want to experience as many cultures as humanly possible.

I like to consider myself a very open minded person and I want that to expand on my travels.

A big question I received when people heard of me getting a tattoo at 18 were "but won't you regret it when you're older?" my response was "that is exactly why I am getting it". 20 years down the line, I want to remember this wanderlust, I still want to experience different cultures, see landmarks and meet people who grew up in a totally different lifestyle to me and I want to take my kids and my family with me.

Have you got any tattoos? Whats your dream tattoo?

Lily xo


Monday, 5 December 2016

The perfect Christmas party make-up

So it's officially December, and with only so many days till the big day, I don't know about you but every weekend seems to be a Christmas party right up until that big day. From work events to family events, you can't escape the festiveness of it all.

And when it comes to fancy events, my favourite part of the evening is dressing up, especially when it comes to doing my make-up.

This time of year is associated with a gold eye and berry lip, so that's what I'm going to base my post around and show you some of my favourite products to create the perfect look for all your festive events.


In my opinion, the perfect palette for this time of year is undoubtedly the Morphe 35OS, it is SO pigmented and buttery and the colours include golds to bronzes t browns to a few shades of pinks. Morphe also do this palette in a matte form but I definitely think the shimmer palette is more suited for the festive season. I think the most astonishing thing about this palette is that it's only £20 for 35 gorgeous buttery shades. 

Another product I would include in my festive look is Illamasque's pure pigment. I swear by this, every time I wear it as inner corner highlight, I get nothing but compliments. It really makes the eyes pop, it is beyond gorgeous. 


Since I have included such a heavy eye, for the highlight and contour I wanted a really natural, matte finish. And what better way to achieve that than with ABH Cream contour. I splashed out on this a few months back and I have never looked back.


I've included 2 of my favourite lip products here. The first one being a very typical festive, berry colour (Revlon Colourstay - Crush) which is really moisturising on the lips which is perfect for this time of year as the cold weather really dries my lips out. The other shade is Rimmel Lipstick in the shade "Asia". I find this shade a perfect dupe for MAC's velvet teddy, however it does not have a matter finish but more of MAC's "lustre" finish.

So these are my favourite festive products! I hope you all have a fab festive season, you can find me at or @lilydealxo

Lily xo


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

SixPlus Cosmetics

If you've read my previous post you'll know that when it comes to brushes, I am obsessed. So when I had the chance to receive SixPlus Cosmetics professional brush set, I jumped at the opportunity. The brushes literally arrived within 2 days and I used them the following day!

Putting the gorgeous appearance of the brushes aside, the brushes apply my make-up flawlessly. With no shedding or flaws, I actually much prefer them to my own MAC brushes due to the high quality for a much more affordable price!

I think the packaging of the brushes is also outstanding, I was so impressed when they were delivered. The brushes are included in a gorgeous brown leather brush holder kit which is then sat in a SixPlus Cosmetics Box and on the back of this box, each brush is listed with their use which I think it is incredibly useful.

Overall, I am SO impressed with this set. It definitely comes on the top of my rankings alongside my Spectrum Brushes but just for a fraction of the price. I can't recommend these brushes enough.

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Lily xo


Friday, 25 November 2016

How to find the perfect prom dress

My time hop told me this morning that I started my search for my perfect prom dress 2 year ago today. I can remember this struggle like it was only yesterday and I can't believe how quickly time has flown since. Picking the dress to wear that one night is one of the most important decisions in a girls life, aside from our wedding days, these photos will be what we show our daughters in years to come. It's a magical night and we want everything to be perfect, finding the dress can be a struggle, I remember going from site to site and it taking weeks before I finally found the ideal attire so I wanted to write a post today as I was feeling nostalgic, and show you all some of the top picks I would aim for if I was to relive my prom night.

Upon researching dresses for this post, I found the perfect prom dress website. They have everything from long sleeved prom dresses to backless prom dresses, every style, every material, all there to help you fit that perfect image you are dreaming about. You can visit the site here

I have included a few of my favourites below!

I absolutely adore this lilac colour, for me when it comes to prom dress shopping, I want something a bit different and I think this colour proves that, ivory, reds and royal blues are all great but they're a tad too obvious for me. I also love the fit of this, it reminds me of something a Disney princess would wear, and let's face it, who doesn't want to be a Disney Princess?

Okay so I know I just said I didn't want red but this is just, wow. You know that saying with prom dresses "you can just shorten it and wear it again" ? Well thats what was said about the original dress I wore to prom, however it has not been touched in 2 years. This dress however, I would wear all the time and feel so sassy and on top of the world. I love it!!

This just screams elegance to me, and it's available in so many colours! I love the baby pink, it's the kind of dress which you put on and instantly feel naturally beautiful due to its simplicity. It's not overloaded like some dresses are, covered head to toe in beads and lace. If i had to do prom over again, I think this is the dress I would go for.

If you have prom coming up soon, I would highly recommend checking out AisleStyle as they have so many options! You can find them by clicking here.

Lily xo


Sunday, 20 November 2016

The most beautiful brushes...

I have had my eyes on these babies for months now. I've heard nothing but amazing reviews and the appearance of the brushes is just beyond eye catching.

So when I entered one of their competitions a few weeks back to win a £60 voucher for their products, the last thing I was expecting to do was win... but I woke up Wednesday morning to a message congratulating me on my win! I was over the moon.

I actually bought these sets less than an hour later, I couldn't hold myself back as I knew exactly what I wanted as I had been eyeing them up longer than I can remember. I bought the 4 piece contour set and the 8 piece blending set  which came to exactly £60 so all I had to pay was shipping which was about £2.95. So basically I got 12 brushes for £2.95??

I don't know why I held off so many months from buying these. They look even more beautiful in person and they are so soft and I must admit, the quality is probably one of the best that I've ever come across, especially the blending set! I've always struggles to find an eye brush set that included brushes that would fit every detail of my eye socket, whilst also being great quality and not malting or shredding in use. I must say that these pick up product and drop them off exceptionally, and the range of brushes is just amazing. The same goes with the contour set, a lot of my previous brushes seem to steal my product when applying but these do exactly what they're supposed too.

They're not only pretty, they're exceptionally practical and I really could not recommend them enough. You also get 10% off on your first purchase if you sign up to their mailing list. Do you really need another reason to order?

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Lily xo

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The SFX Series - Hole in Hand

Although Halloween is long gone, my love for SFX is not. I dream of working in the SFX & prosthetics indursty, so I feel like Halloween is every week for me. I thought, why should I stop my SFX Series when it's something I am truly passionate about. After all, isn't that what blogging is about? Writing about what you love. So, this series is not about to come to an end just yet.

If you've been following my SFX Series, you'll find this look rather easy as the process is very similar to the general cut method ( find post here ).

You can do this look with any book, magazine, newspaper or blank lined paper as I did. The way it works is, you start off by tearing out a circle of the chosen document and placing it on the palm of the hand, you then scoop out your wax and just blend it out on the edge of the torn out piece of paper into your hand and just keep blending until you can no longer see the seams between hand and wax. One factor that is very important though, is to ensure the document lines up with the original background, you might be able to tell but I didn't line the lined paper on my hand up straight, meaning when it came to taking the picture, I had to lean my hand slightly,

However, the trickiest part is over now. All thats left is to add the colour which makes the wound look sore. I just took a deep burgundy shade into where the paper met the wax and then blended it out into a softer red on to the skin.

An optional step is to add blood, I didn't go overboard here because I thought the effect would look better less blood, if that makes sense? But if you do decide to add blood, I'd suggest taking an old paintbrush just to stipple the blood on for a more realistic look.

And that's it! Such an easy method but so effective!

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Lily xo


Thursday, 10 November 2016

Christmas Giveaway!

So, I read something this morning that told me we were only 44 sleeps away from Christmas. Excited would be an understatement!! I decided that this year, I wanted to give back to all my lovely readers who never stop showing their love and support on my posts, I am always grateful.

So having said that, I got in touch with the girls over at Soap & Glory and they supplied me with this amazing Christmas bundle filled with all of my favourite products from them. The gift set includes:

  • The Righteous Body Butter
  • Scrub of your Life
  • Hand Food
  • Foot Cream
  • Shower Gel
  • 3-in-1 Daily Detox Facial Wash
  • Loofah
In addition to the gorgeous set, Coconut Lane have also participated and are offering the winner a £10 voucher!!

The Giveaway is open till the 10th December and the winner will be contacted the following day!

Lily xo
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