Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Guest Post

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends You Cannot Miss By Any Chance
It’s just four months before we officially start off with a new year, and it is just the perfect time to actually evaluate and check some of the best ideas from runways. This is going to be a post about the best makeup trends for fall 2016, where we are going to pick some of the best ideas on fashion weeks. If you are someone who loves to flick your eyeliner a tad more or play around the various colour palettes for the face, these are things you need to know.

Go for glitter:  Glitter worked big time for the fall, and it was rather refreshing to see some amazing ideas float at shows of names like Burberry, and Giambattista Valli. The idea is probably to use a little of glitter, mainly around the eyes, and this can be anything from chunky glitter on the outer corner of the eye to more classic ways of using the glitter kohl or eyeliner pencil around the waterline. You can use this trend perfectly for the evenings, and for some great picks for a party, click here.

Love for colour: When we talk of colour, we often think of the spring, but that isn’t the case anymore. Many of the designers actually allowed the fall colours to seep through and as a result, we had everything in more pop shades. This includes use of candy coloured lippies, blue mascara and even coloured liner. As a trend, you can try this one with almost anything, given that the traditional fall outfits don’t have much of colour. For a classic monotone look, a little bit of extra makeup surely does the trick. Probably, you might want to experiment a bit more with the colours used for your waterline and eyeliner.

Smoky eye: Smoked up is anything but new, and yet this is one of the classic looks that you just don’t want to mess up. The good thing about smoky looks is the incredible options for experimentation. You can play around the dark colours and still have an artistic appeal about the way you use those eye palettes. If you want to make smoky eye look more vibrant and appealing, you should take a check at Saint Laurent and Moschino looks to get some inspiration. Don’t shy away from trying new ways to dramatize the eyes.

Finally, let’s also talk of the amazing gothic coloured lip shades that were seen at a number of shows. These are your classic fall shades, often too dark and yet there is a kind of baring that makes the trend reasonable enough. Hope you liked this post, and we will meet soon. Until next time, take out all those fun fall lip colours and be the vamp!
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Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and the chief writer and editor for the House Of Elegance Fashion. Known for her quirky style of writing and great practical tips on fashion, she has authored posts for many leading websites and blogs as a guest author.


Monday, 26 September 2016

The Quick & Easy way to clean your brushes

I am terrible when it comes to cleaning my brushes, especially my eye brushes! Face brushes I am more strict with and aim to do this twice a week, if not weekly, due to the bacteria and the outcome of break outs. However, my eyeshadow brushes I am lazy with!

So when Beauty Essentials sent me their shadow switch, I was over the moon. It's so easy to use and solves all my problems! 

Eyeshadow is my favourite part of my make up routine, I am always switching it up with colours but this makes it difficult when you come to use a brush for a transition shade when its covered in pink shadow from the previous day. 

With the Shadow switch, I can swirl my brush around the pot and all is right again! My brush is clean and ready for application, it's so easy and quick to use, I couldn't recommend it more!

Whats your secret to cleaning your brushes?

Lily xo


Sunday, 25 September 2016

The SFX Series - Wounds/Cuts

Derma wax is a sticky type of wax that blends in to the skin with a dimensional effect. It is most commonly used for special effects such as wounds, burns and scars but can also be used on stage for blocking out eyebrows and added extras such as warts or moles.
Derma wax is applied by using a spatula to scrape a small proportion out of the packaging and then it is rolled between the fingers to smooth it out a little, before smoothing it can be helpful to use a moisturiser on fingertips to stop the wax sticking, this also makes the wax a lot easier to work with.
To make a simple wound with wax, the wax is rolled into a sausage shape and placed on to the skin and the edges are blended in to the surrounding skin for stability and to blend the wax in. Once this is done, the thinner end of the spatula can scrape down the middle in a rugged line to create the crease of the wound. At this point it may be easier to add some more moisturiser to ease the stickiness. After this, colour can be added with darker shades in the middle of the crease and the lighter ones towards the skin bed. Congealed blood and film blood are added last for a more effective look.
More effective special effects can be used with derma wax through the same application but just with extra detail, for example zombie bites.
Snazaroo do their own make of derma wax which is usually available at Fancy Dress shops, you can also order it online through Ebay or Amazon for cheap! For colouring, I use Kryolan SupraPalette however you can use dark shades of lipsticks as an alternative.

Just 5 weeks till Halloween!!

Lily xo


Friday, 23 September 2016

My #1 Lush Product

I love a good pamper night, bubble bath, candles, binge watching Gilmore Girls. But what really makes me feel good is the Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub by Lush. I first came across this about a year ago when a friend recommended it and since, I must have repurchased about 3 times.

I have yet to come across something that makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. This is literally heaven in a cup. Whether you have dry, mature, oily or combination skin, this is so perfect!

I can't imagine a bath without this. I like to use it on my face and legs especially, usually I am really funny with what I put on my face but this is great, it works so well with my skin and the outcome is so amazing.

I LOVE Lush, do you have any recommendations for me to try next? What are your favourite Lush Products?

Lily xo

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Guest Post - Naira

"For most of us, the sun has said its final goodbyes, and we are getting ready for fresh mornings, and the leaves at our feet."
Although the weather may not be the best, not to worry, I have something that will cheer us all up...
Make up of course! And what better way to celebrate the start of a new season than with new makeup fit for autumn.

"It’s time to die down on the summer glow and rainbow eyeshadow, and time to pull out those earthy eyeshadow palettes and those nude lips"
In this blog post we will be focusing on eyes and lips. Join me to unravel some of my favourite products for autumn time!
Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had one palette that basically sums up Autumn?
Well I’ve found it Anastasia Beverly hills – modern renaissance. I know every one has already had their rave about this piece, but I saved it for autumn, there couldn’t be a better time to use it.
It has all the shades you want this season from creamy browns, gorgeous beige, to deep pinks and rusty reds. 
It has some shades that you can’t find in other palettes such as Venetian redlove letter, and red ocre. As well as complementing with essentials such as warm taupe, buon fresco, and burnt orange, take your eye shadow from basic to a masterpiece.

This palette makes eye shadows so much less of a hassle, where all the colours you need are in one place, not to mention the lush packaging – perfect for a make up addict.


Another autumn inspiration is the Zoeva- cocoa blend eye shadow palette.

Extreme creaminess and pigment for such an amazing price! A perfect variety of shades, from the matte base, shimmers in gold, khaki and bronze, with a unique deep purple and pink.

 Jazzy packaging and colours you can’t find anywhere else, a perfect item for those who love pretty makeup.

A little trick:
You can increase the pigment by spraying some setting spray on the brush before using the eye shadow. I always use Urban Decay All nighter Long lasting makeup setting spray. This trick can make even the cheapest eye shadows very pigmented.

Avoid dramatic winged liner this season, its way to bold for a transitional season (save your eyeliner skills for winter time).
Take it easy with a soft smoked out look. You can do this using any black eyeshadow, my personal favourite is Kiko single black eye shadow 180, which is super pigmented.  Line your upper lid and then blend it out, I always add a little more black near the end of my eye to give a slightly winged look. For blending it out I use the angled real technique brush.

Looking for something a bit different?
Kiko super colour eyeliner 113

Coloured eyeliners are definitely a way to jazz up any look, especially metallic ones. This super pigmented liner makes application very easy! It can be used as a normal eyeliner, or go for a more glamorous look by applying it to your crease.  This shade in particular is my favourite, a metallic brown with a hint of khaki, which can be used with any earth coloured eyeshadows.
When thinking of an autumn colour wheel, what comes to mind? For me, all I can think of are autumn leaves. Picture those colours and all the lipstick shades possible.
Orange based nudes
Laura Mercier – nude lips .

The perfect amount of pigment, creaminess and shine. All in one lipstick? No way!
A hydrating, plumping and conditioning lip colour that glides on smoothly and evenly delivering a sheer wash of colour with a semi-matte finish.
 Nyx soft matte lip cream -Abu Dhabi 
A velvety smooth Matte Lip Cream that gives you so much colour, and sets to a matte finish, that doesn’t dry out. It also is very lightweight on the lips and has such a sweet smell.
 Medium browns
Girlactik Liquid paint- Posh.
Apply this richly pigmented lip paint on to your lips and within one minute it will dry down to a beautiful matte color, without the dryness or flaking. What I love about this product is that you can darken the colour by applying another layer on!With Girlactik you get You get 7.5ML, about twice as more than other brands.
 Gerard cosmetics lipstick -1995

Well known to be an every day , effortless lipstick. This lipstick really represents earthy colours, with its 90s theme. It is matte but creamy, It also wears really well through the day. And most importantly, cruelty free!

Rust Reds
Bourjois rouge edition -Brun boheme 05

 rust red with a glossy finish, keeping your lips hydrated for up to 10 hours. Its brown-red base compliments any complexion, and can work with any look from bold liner to a Smokey eye.

Deep plums
Nars audacious- Charlotte
Could there be anything more sleek than this? A rich intense colour to achieve bold and daring lips. It’s a berry shade and a creamy texture that lasts so long without bleeding into your skin. Perfect for a night out!
 Dark Browns
L’OrĂ©al colour riche-oud obsession 703

A very captivating, Arabian inspired colour.  All you need is one stroke to unravel deep beauty, with a creamy finish. A simple brown with a hint of redness to add richness. Again with a luxurious gold casing, and a lovable price.
 p.s. With darker lipsticks, the images shown with a white background may make the colour appear darker or deeper, be sure to swatch the lipstick before purchasing or check out more photos online.
Every season has hits colours and styles, what’s not to love about this seasons earthy feels. What are your favourite products this autumn? Do share!
I hope you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful, even just looking at the pretty pallet colours! Winter makeup coming soon!
Lots of love,
Naira xoxo
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