Monday, 17 February 2014

Halo Extensions!

So,for Christmas I finally received a set of Halo extensions,and it was the best gift i have ever received!
If you have never heard of Halo extensions,they are simply 100's of strands of hair sewn together which then attaches to a wire which fits snugly over the crown of the head! They are such great quality and are 100% Human Hair,not synthetic!! This makes the extensions look so much more realistic and thicker also making it easier to style and the great bonus is,that as the hair doesn't produce oil,it never gets greasy!!

The extensions come in 24 different colours,but if you're like me and have dyed you hair in the past,you may find it easier to purchase a lighter shade then dye the extensions yourself,but remember,if you do this,you cannot go back! You can only dye the hair darker,not lighter! 

The extensions come in 3 different sizes, 16 inches, 18 inches and 20 inches.
I highly recommend not to get a size which is over double the size of your natural hair as it is hard to blend and you will struggle getting away with the natural look.
I cut my hair into a bob last summer,and I have super weak and fine hair,so because of this I went with a 16 inch,but I am happy with this length as I feel if I went any longer,then it would take me a while to get used to it!

They take about 30 seconds to put in,and about an extra 3 minutes for styling! These are my extensions before I let my natural hair down.
The colour doesn't look natural here as my natural hair is darker underneath and the lighting of this photo isn't great,but once the halo is placed on the crown,you use a pintail comb to flick your natural hair over the wire,and that's it! Easy!

So,Below you can see me with my natural hair compared to me with my Halo in! The halo is so natural looking and people never suspect you have extensions in! I came back after Christmas and everyone had just presumed my hair had grown 16 inches over Christmas!

I love my Halo soo much! I used to be so insecure,but these extensions make me feel a lot better about myself and they also give me so many more styles to do with my hair! I would highly recommend these to anyone,long or short hair,thick or thin hair,they suit anyone!! The only disadvantage to the Halo,is it's price (From £79.99) although it is definitely worth the price as they last a lifetime and are just so all round great,but obviously we don't have £70 lying around,but if you do and are currently looking for some new extensions,please give these a try! If not,they will make an amazing Christmas or Birthday present that you will not regret! I cant even emphasize how amazing they are,if i had any regrets then it would be that I didn't buy a set earlier! I feel they are very underrated, and i feel more people need to know about them as they are just incredible!!

If you are interested in buying yourself a set,you can buy them Here, where you can send the team a current picture of your hair and they will colour match your extensions and they also offer exchanges if you do end up choosing the wrong shade.You can also use the map to track the nearest Salon where they personally fit and sell Halo's.

Alternatively,you could buy yourself a pair of windle & moodie's speed wefts which are very similar to Halo's except they are synthetic hair which means they do not feel like real hair,although these extension are cheaper starting at a price of £40,I feel they are a good alternative to try but I would highly recommend trying the Halo's as i believe they are possibly more lasting and all round amazing!
You can buy Windle & Moodie's Speed Wefts Here


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