Sunday, 16 February 2014

First post!


So as you can see,this is my first post!
I've wanted to make a blog for a while,in fact I've always wanted to vlog as well,but I'm hoping to take one step at a time!
I've always looked up to people like zoella and Tanya and hope  one day I could follow in their footsteps as I feel they have a fabulous life, l've also been addicted to anything beauty related ever since I can remember,even as a little child I used to grab my mums makeup kit and shove lipstick all over my dolls face..I like to think I'm a little more experienced now! But I've finally got the guts to create my own blog!
On here,I'll write about my monthly favourites,reviews and tutorials and anything you guys request of me,I want to make as many friends as possible whilst exchanging beauty tips and doing the things I love most!

You can contact me through my twitter on
Or through my instagram
If you ever have any requests for tutorials or anything! Hopefully,it won't be long before I have enough courage and enough support to start my own YouTube account for you guys!

I might as well tell you a little about myself!
I'm from a little town in leeds/bradford area in the uk, recently I've started to plan out my future,and beauty has taken a massive part in that as I want to go on to do hair,make-up and costume design for television purposes!
I'm a huge fan of the vampire diaries and gossip girl! I've finished gossip girl but still have major GG post depression,and all I want is a relationship like Chuck and Blair! If you haven't watched gossip girl,I highly recommend it,it brought every emotion possible and although the name sounds slightly corny,do not be put off because as soon as you start to watch it,you won't be able to stop!! I'm also currently on season 4 of the vampire diaries and I can not stop watching! The only problem is I can't decide if I ship Elena with Damon or Stefan?

Anyway,i hope this blog becomes successful and please get this link out there,it would mean a lot to me! I'll be posting very soon...


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  1. Hello :) I've just started a blog too, something which I've been meaning to do for a very long time! It's been the likes of Zoella and Tanya who have inspired me also to do this.


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