Thursday, 31 July 2014

Lip Addict Tag

Rummaging through my make up,I forgot how many lipsticks I owned! I'm one of those people who will buy products and then totally forget about it a week or so later which means I have boxes filled with make up! So whilst clearing all these unused products out,I came across so many lipsticks which lead me to write this post

1) Favourite Balm/Treatment
Recently,I've had crazy sore lips,they've been so dry that it actually began to burn my lips! So my beauty guru friend chloe recommended this Palmer's Cocoa Butter lip balm which i then picked up from Superdrug for about £2. Let me just start buy saying how gorgeous this stuff smells,i actually can not even exaggerate the smell of this,it's just so heavenly and wow!! But getting down to business,this has worked miracles on my poor,chapped lips from day 1,it leaves my lips so smooth and the applicator is shaped widely so it rolls along the lip smoothly as well as not wasting any of the balm. And if all this isnt enough,you also get an SPF of 15 which is so handy,especially this summer. You definitively get way more than you pay for here and I can not stress enough how much i love this!!

2) Best eye catching red

You just can't beat Rimmel London's Lipstick in shade Alarm 170 for best red! It's so pigmented and lasts for hours,I've had so many compliments whilst wearing this, it's just a classic. In the past I've with red lipsticks,I've had experiences where after a few hours it fades in the centre of my lips and it looks like I've just lined the outsides of my lips...not attractive! So yeah,this is by far my favourite red lipstick and if you're currently looking for a classical red lipstick then this is for you!!

3) Best Luxury & Best Drugstore
Clinique -sugared grapfruit (top swatch)
rimmel apocalips -stellar (bottom swatch)

The clinique sugared grapefruit is one of many which has been hidden and i have only recently found in one of my make up boxes but oh my!! ever since i found it, i have no taken it off! This was one of my first ever luxury products and is by far,one of my favourites. The colour is just gorgeous,its quite a corally pink colour and it is rather shimmery but not so shimmery that it looks un-natural. It's just so perfect and although it is rather pricey,I do not regret splashing out for this lipstick.
I struggled choosing a "best drugstore" item as i have quite a few favourite but what made me settle with the apocalips in stellar with its long lasting colour and bold choice of pigmentation which makes its originality of a lip lacquer shine through. The application is simple but ever so easy to apply, when it's first applied it feels quite glossy but after a minute or two it sort of moulds into the lip creating a matte effect. My favourite part of this product is no doubt about it the length of time before you need to reapply,I find I can eat and drink whatever i wish and it takes no effect out of the pigmentation on the lips also previously I noticed that the lacquer is still present on the following day and i can't name another single product with that effect!

4) Best Mac lipstick

This is my newest purchase from Mac which I am currently loving for this summer's lip! Mac's Bombshell is part of the Frost collection, which I know many people aren't a big fan of.. me included! But after trying this shade,i think my opinion may be changing as i think the shimmer and the matte actually works quite nice together whether i feel this way because of my love towards the colour or maybe i really am changing my opinion on the collection altogether,I guess I'll just have too try another Frost shade! 

5) The most disappointing

It's rare that i come across a Benefit product that i dislike as benefit is one of my favourite brands but this ultra plush lipgloss really did not live up to my expectations. The 1920's packaging drew me in straight away and the colour looked rather rosy and pigmented but this was not the case once applied..the consistency was far too light for my liking that it almost came across watery but the pigmentation was also rather disappointing. I had to apply lots of it to finally get some sort of colour out of it and on top of this the applicator isn't really my cup of tea..i find it messy and hard to apply an even coat. Sorry benefit:(..i still love you!

6) Liner- yes or no?

Liner has never really stood out to me and i cant recall a time that ive ever actually tried it..(crazy!! i know!) although it is something i am planning on trying once i get around to it,the Mac one's really do tempt me!

7) Best Gloss?

I knew from the day Tanya announced her new collection that it was just going to be flawless! As soon as it was released i rushed myself down to my local Superdrug and picked up two of her lip glosses and ended up returning to buy more! My favourite has to be Picnic in the park by Tanya Burr, it has become my "go to" lip product and i wear it daily! It is is no way sticky or lacks pigmentation,the formulae is absolutely spot on and it slides on the lips elegantly and smoothly with no mess. The smell is heavenly as well, Tanya really did herself justice and i am so excited for her upcoming collection which she is yet to announce!

8) Something Extra!

Combining Lush's Lip scrub in Bubblegum and I love... Strawberries & Milkshake by ilovecosmetics leaves you with a smooth baby pink pigmented lip. The Lip scrub is a sugary base which polishes the lip ridding of any excess skin and leaves you with a conditioned soft result (after licking off the excess sugar which is delicious!!) and then following this routine with the i love strawberries & milkshake adds to the smoothness and adds a light pink which is a sort of "my lips but better" effect which looks so natural and healthy!

I tag all of you reading this! What are your favourite lip products?



  1. That Rimmel lipstick is amazing. I like your colection of lip products. Great post and keep up the good work.


  2. That Rimmel shade is extremely red, I love it! I used to have an Apocalips lipstick/gloss (whatever it is aha) in a bright pink shade, I LOVED it... and then I had to go and lose it!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. It's such a bold shade,not something i usually go for but i love it! Aw no:( x

  3. Rimmel makes amazing lip products, as does Revlon for the drugstore route. I love the Palmers stuff as well.
    Carolyn | BLOG

    1. yes,i don't think you can beat rimmel considering the prices! I have a few revlon products, i need to purchase more though x

  4. Great post, great products x

  5. Oooh so jealous of your lip products! My collection is very small so I NEED to start adding to it!
    Elesaurus |
    YouTube - Eleanor Rose

    1. aw thank you! Yes,i highly recommend any of the rimmel lip products!! X

  6. I think that Rimmel's lipstick the best one.


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