Sunday, 27 July 2014

Summer must have's!

The latest beauty trends are constantly changing which makes it pretty difficult to keep up with,however..the "no make up,make up look" is pretty much an everyday look when it comes to summer. Going without make up can be tricky but so can sitting in the heat with a face full of make up so we need to find an in between of these two and these are some of my favourite products to live up to that "in between" stage.

Rimmel Wake me up concealer - 010 Ivory
this is definitely one of my favourite concealers for summer! It's a full coverage concealer without being too cakey, it's rather moisturising and works well as both an under eye concealer and conceals blemishes fabulously. I feel it illuminates my skin perfectly and doesn't feel or look heavy at all,it lasts for hours and i just love it!

Rimmel BB Cream - Light
I'm not usually a big fan of BB creams,in the past i found them quite cakey and orangey but in the heat I don't want the full coverage of a foundation but i still don't feel comfortable going without a base so i thought I'd give this BB cream a go and I must say,its pretty darn good! I have naturally dry skin which gives me the disadvantage of struggling with some base's to blend them in to my skin but i find this applies so smoothly and evenly,it's very moisturising and it has a long lasting brighting/glowing effect. Another bonus is it has a SPF of 25 which means i don't have to bother mixing it with any sun cream!

Maybelline Colour Show Acid Wash Effect - Mint Acid-ittude
As soon as i saw this in boots, i knew i had to buy it! The colour instantly attracted me,it was just such a gorgeous colour for summer and i knew it would go so nice with a tan! It's a sort of blue/green colour, very similar to Tanya Burr's "Little duck". Except the difference being this colour has white speckles in the formulae which creates a look very similar to those "Mini Egg's" sweets you can buy! I do really love the colour but the only disadvantage is that it's quite a pain to apply,I found I had to put 2/3 coats on and I'm not exactly the best at painting my nails..i usually end up with nail varnish all around my finger tips! And because of this unfortunate lack of talent i ended up with little speckles on my fingers, however it was no biggie as the end result still looked fantastic and as i remember,the varnish was only about £3/4 so you can't really go wrong!

Benefit Porfessional
I've repurchased this primer so many times,it has to be one of my all time favourite products! It's so smooth to apply and the texture of it is just so heavenly! Under the BB cream is such a perfect combination,you find that it just doesn't budge all day,I think they work so well together! Another bonus being that this product minimises pores which is just an extra ounce of greatness

Revlon colourburst lip butter - 015 Tutti Fruitti
The classic orange lip is a summer must have! The humidity and warmth of summer tends to dry my lips out even more than they naturally are which is why the formulae of the lip butter comes in handy,it's very moisturising on top of its hint of colour! The colour is in no way "Bold" but it's still noticeable and perfect for the "no make up,make up look" as its rather glossy as well as nurturing for the lip and can be worn for a day at the beach or dressed up with a bit of eye shadow for a night out in the city. 



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