Friday, 1 August 2014

What's in my make up bag...

The contents of my make up bag is constantly changing, i never like to follow the same make up routine day after day so i usually swap products now and again just to change it up a little but this is my make up bag week,it could be completely different!


Maybelline's Baby skin is basically just a drugstore dupe for Benefit's porefessional, now i absolutely adore benefit's porefessional but i only try and use it for long nights and special occasions as i don't like the idea of wasting it. But Baby skin really does do the same job and it keeps my face in place for a matter of hours. Rimmel's match perfection foundation is my all time favourite foundation. Now,i'm going to totally contradict what I said above with this product because i am pretty sure i have been using this everyday for several months now..It's such a light product that gives such a glowing radiance to the face. Recently,i've really been loving Rimmel's Wake me up concealer, application is easy,it stays in place all day and it really works well with the foundation to supply a further glow. You may be thinking what about powder? Well i'm not a great fan of powder,i find it just ruins the look and looks too..powdery? I know it's supposed to set the foundation in place but after using a primer,i feel i don't need it.


I bought the Artdeco Eyeshadow Base earlier this year when i was in Germany, i had never heard of the brand "Artdeco" before but it was a great price so i thought i would try it and i was very happy with the overall purchase. I tend to use a Base whenever i can as i think it really prevents creasing, it's especially helpful when you've got a long day/night ahead as you don't need to worry about your eye shadow disappearing. The Artdeco Base is a cream base which means i have to wait a minute or so before applying my eyeshadow, the eyeshadow currently in my routine is Benefit's Big beautiful eyes kit, it's such a gorgeous natural pink set with 3 shades and a help sheet included, you have your slightly shimmered pink for an all over base, a taupe pinkish brown for the crease and finally a musty brown for lining. I tend to only use the first 2 colours as I really suck at lining my eyes and once i mess it up,i don't have time to wash it all off and reapply! The mascara i'm using at the moment is Benefit's they're real mascara, i received this as a present a few months ago and it is definitely my favourite mascara! I really struggle finding a mascara that suits me as i have long lashes i find most mascara's don't stick to the ends of my lashes,i have no problem applying it on my roots but for some reason,it just doesn't like the ends of my lashes. So this is the only mascara that i haven't had a problem with and also when I'm wearing it, it looks rather natural and i tend to get many compliments and people usually ask if I've had my lashes tinted.
For my eyebrows, I use the powder side of Sleek's Brow kit in the shade Dark, this product is very similar to Benefit's Browzings in fact,I can't find many differences in the two (other than the price!!).The reason i only usually use the powder side is because i think it saves a lot of time when I'm in a rush, it also looks slightly more natural for casual reasons, however when I'm going out on an evening I will use both side's as it spices the look up more.


Kate moss lipstick shade 08 (top swatch)
Benefit's Posie tint (bottom swatch)
For my cheek's i use Benefit's Posie tint which is a stain that comes out in a beautiful Rosie pink colour and lasts for hours! I then use Sleek's Blush by 3 in the shade Guipure which is a shimmery pink which i actually use to contour! I like to use a "my lip's but better" shade especially this summer,it looks more natural and compliments other features further. Rimmel's Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 08 is perfect for this, it's quite a nude colour and lives up to my expectation of the "My lips but better" look!

Now,reading this back, i seem to be a little obsessed with Benefit! But how can blame me,it's such a wonderful brand. What's currently your favourite brand?



  1. Those Sleek blushes look amazing!! Such beautiful colors!


  2. Yes,they really are amazing! I don't think the photo even gives the pigmentation of it justice and such amazing quality for the price! X

  3. Its strange because I have the exact same foundation and concealer in my makeup bag! :) Great post, really interesting to read. X

  4. My currently favorite brand is Tom Ford.


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