Thursday, 30 October 2014

Autumn boots

Autumn/winter boots are always a must have this time of year. They style great with everything! And the best thing about them is that you can wear your thickest wooly socks underneath and no one can judge you because of it! 

Ive been looking for the perfect pair of boots for weeks and I finally came across these stunners in new look yesterday. I feel like now is the time to mention how wonderful new look shoes are. I feel like I start drilling whenever I walk into their shoe heaven which is so wonderfully displayed! Anyway, once I saw these beauties and their price (£29.99) I literally ran to the counter,there was no way I was letting this bargain skip from my hands.

If you haven't purchased your autumn/winter boots yet,I highly recommend trying out new looks website because wow,you will just want to buy the whole collection!!


  1. I will never get rid of wearing a pair of boots. even in Summer. Love boots so so so much , it can easily matched up with any style

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  2. They're soo lush!! Exactly what I am looking for to wear in autumn! I had old brown ones from Primark that I bought two years ago but they're totally wasted. Deff gonna take a look at these!

    Xx Ilse|


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