Friday, 24 October 2014

Halloween Make Up Basics

 We're approaching my favourite time of the year! And I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than show you some basic Halloween tricks! (Ha Ha, get it?) sorry...
If you follow me on Instagram you will of noticed I posted the above picture of a basic scar, however I posted it with no caption. I had texts and comments asking what had happened, people actually thought I had cut myself! But no, crazy what a bit of derma wax and blood can do, right?

So, first off you always need to ensure your skin is clean before you start with your Derma wax. You may also want to research the cut/injury you're going to recreate as a cut on the knuckle will not look the same as a cut on the thigh.

So, step by step:

1) Scrape some Derma Wax out of the pot and roll into a pea size amount, then roll into a sausage shape.
2) Place the sausage on to the area of skin you want your scar and smooth down the edges around your skin.
3) Taking a Palette Knife or something with a pointed edge, create an incision down the centre of the derma wax. Dont worry if the incision is not straight, the edginess will just add to the effect.
4) It's now time to add colour! The best way to do this is using a range of colours and adding the darkest colour along the incision to add depth.
5) Build up the colour going from dark to light but be careful to not add any colour outside of the scar.
6) Now you can just adjust the scar to your taste or even add any extra's, such as the thread ( just tuck the edges in to the derma wax) or fake glass!

Please send me photo's if you recreated this look for your Halloween look! What are you all doing this Halloween?



  1. This is such a great idea, can't wait to try it!! xx

  2. These look so real and scary! Well done!


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