Monday, 20 June 2016

GlossyBox June

I've been wanting to try out a Beauty Box subscription for some time now and having searching in to many, I came across GlossyBox and saw some of the previous boxes of past months and was rather impressed. I then saw the price of £10+p&p a month and was won over. My box was delivered within about 3 days or ordering which also impressed me.

Ever since I placed my order, I had been over the moon for my box to arrive and when the postman knocked on my door early Saturday Morning, I jumped out of bed and unboxed this quicker than ever before.

The packaging was so lovely, the box alone I would have paid for despite the items in it.

The first item I cam across after unboxing was the Ladival Sun protection Spray SPF 15 (RRP £19.99). June is the perfect time to send out SPF, after all, today is officially the first day of Summer. And having come back from Gran Canaria just over a week ago, I was fresh out of Sun Cream so this was a delight and especially considering this item alone is worth double what I payed for the entirety of the box.

The next item was he De Bruyere After Sun Lotion (RRP £9.48), which again, perfect for this time of year! I used this product straight after unboxing as my skin is still peeling and dry after coming home from my holiday and can I just mention how gorgeous this lotion smells!!

A product from my first box that I am so excited to try is the StarSkin Eye Mask (RRP £8.50). The instructions to these look pretty complicated but i've heard serious good reviews on the outcome and I am dying to get some moisture back into my under eyes.

Elite Make Up Lip & Cheek Tint (RRP £12.50) was also included in this months edition, I am not big on blush, for some reason I feel it just doesn't suit me and having natural red skin that I hide with a green colour corrector, it just seems irrelevant to me to then reapply colour. But I quickly swatched this on my hand after unboxing and the colour looks perfect for summer, its got a slight hint of pink to it but also looks like that "my lips but better" shade.

The box also included Spa to you Konjac Sponge (RRP £6.99). I have never heard of something like this before but the aim of the sponge is too buff the skin and exfoliate the face and body. The sponge has a rubbery texture and claims to leave the skin "clean and unbelievably soft"

The final product is Aussie Hair Care 3 minute miracle deep conditioner (RRP £1.09). Having tried this before, I was delighted to find this in my box, I have Dry,Damaged Hair and this always works wonders for me and leaves my hair smelling outstanding.

Overall, I am happy with my box. I think for £10, you get about 4 times worth your money back. I can't wait for next months box either!

Lily xo



  1. OMG! your blog is beautiful! I love love love the design and I love the content <3 following <3 perfect <3



  2. Looks like this box is worth the money. I want to try star skin products, I heard great things about them.

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. It really is! Star skin is something I've wanted to try for ages so this is a good starting product but their brand is so affordable! X

  3. I used to love getting a GlossyBox every month. I eventually stopped it as I was running out of space for all the products, but it's definitely fun!! I love the sound of the eye mask.

    The Makeup Directory

    1. It's like I'm a little kid at Christmas waiting for it to arrive! I can imagine myself running out of room too,I'm such a hoarder when it comes to make up & skin care!


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