Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My Week in Lipsticks

I am a huge hoarder when it comes to lipstick but my problem being I have such dry lips, I usually skip this step out of my Make Up routine on a daily basis with the exception of going on a night out or a special event etc.

So last week I challenged myself to wearing a different lipstick from my collection through the week and I was pretty successful.

Monday - Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte in "Invasion"
As I mentioned, my lips are very dry so going for a liquid lipstick on day 1 was very risky. However, I adore the GC formula, I only had to apply it twice throughout the day, the first time being first thing in the morning and the second after a hearty big meal. So I think that's pretty awesome!! I didn't find it flaked or went patchy, the colour was very pigmented even on the parting of my lips where I usually find this is where liquid lipstick usually disappear. Overall, day 1 went great in my opinion.

Tuesday - Lord & Berry Lipstick Pencil in the shade "chocolate"
This is a fairly new purchase for me, I picked this up at Sally's wholesalers a couple of weeks ago as it was reduced due to "damage in transportation" although the only thing damaged was the packaging it came in which was then binned when I got home anyway,so definitely worth the £5 I paid for it. I found the formula very creamy and glossy as opposed to my matte lip that I usually go for. Saying that, I do adore the colour completely! I'm just not a fan of the formula, I found due to the creaminess it just smudged around my lip line and I just looked like I smashed chocolate in my mouth.

Wednesday - MAC matte lipstick in "Velvet Teddy"
I mentioned earlier that I usually skip the whole lip stage of my Make Up routine but on the rare occasion that I do reach for a lipstick, this is the one I will go to when my lips don't feel as dry as they usually do. It's just that "my lips but better" shade and something about it just gets to my heart. Due to it being a matte,I can't wear it on my dry days but 
this Wednesday, my lips were feeling pretty good and maybe that was due to the creaminess of the day befores lipstick choice. I would recommend this shade to anyone, I don't know any lipstick that can live up to MACs range, I find they just sit on my lips flawlessy all day and this shade is just to die for.

Thursday - NYX matte lip creme in the shade " "
I bought this a while back whilst in London for the weekend and it's just been sitting in my Make Up storage ever since so I thought this was a great opportunity to get it out. It applied great, very smooth and not drying at all. But I did find throughout the day, the parting of my lips was missing the lipstick and I had to keep reapplying. Personally, I find these NYX cremes a tad overrated, I love NYX as a brand, just not a fan of these particular products.

Friday- Nars Sheer Lipstick in "Roman Holiday"
I did mention that I prefer matte over gloss but theres just something about these sheer formulas from nars. They're so moisturising and buttery and they smell so good! I do have a few of Nars's sheer lipsticks but I reached for "roman holiday". I must say that I am not a fan of the colour, just a little too pink for me. I feel too girly and barbie and I'm so used to my reds and purples and deeper colours that this just didn't please me at all.

What are your go to Lip products? And what do you save for a special occasion? 



  1. MAC always has the most beautiful lipstick. It's difficult to choose a colour.

  2. That liquid lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics is stunning! Ahh!
    My go-to lipstick is my ultimate love, Maybelline's matte collection, 690 Touch of Spice. It's perfect for everyday makeup!


    1. It's such a beautiful wearable colour!! I haven't tried that yet but I'll add it to my wish list! X


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