Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Post Balm Primer?

So the dark days came when my Benefit Professional Primer was reaching the last squirt of the tube and I was dreading the following day when I knew I would be spending hours on my make up just for my foundation to go patchy and my contour run away hours later. It wasn't till I was in Morrisons picking up my tea that I noticed this little life saver on offer (£3?!).

Had I been worried applying a mens shaving product on my face the next day? Slightly. 
I mean, it is a bit of a weird one!

But honestly, jeez I never have to buy a face primer again. I now swear by this. Sure my face might smell a bit manly but my make up slays all day so can't complain right? 

And £3? Wow. 

I can not recommend this enough. 

Lily xo


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