Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Real Techniques Bold Collection

I am a firm believer in the brushes you use affect the overall Make Up look.
For weeks, I have been debating what brushes to invest in, I was torn between Morphe, Spectrum & BH cosmetics when it occurred to me that I hadn't even considered the Bold Metals Collection? 
I am a sucker for Real Techniques, I have all of Sam & Nic's previous brushes and I use them on a daily basis.

And can we just talk about how gorgeous this collection is to even look at? The rose gold makes my heart melt!

Looks aside, the quality is just flawless. My favourite brushes of the collection are the 301 Flat Contour Brush and the 101 Triangle Foundation Brush.

The 301 is just the perfect shape for contouring on any face shape, it creates those slimming angles of the cheekbones perfectly but it doesn't create that super "unnatural" line from bronzer to your skin tone, it simply blends as you brush. 

I also love the 101 brush because sometimes i struggle applying foundation around my nose piercing and around the shape of my eyes and find i have to switch from my buffing brush to a concealer brush just to get into those awkward little angles of my face, but with this brush, I don't need to keep switching brushes to finish my base.

I am a huge fan of these brushes and can only hope more are to be released.

What are your favourite brush sets?

Lily xo



  1. I adore these brushes, they're so beautiful to use and of course admire!

    Makeup Monster

  2. They are aren't they! They're affordable too X


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