Friday, 15 July 2016

Let's talk about shoes...

It probably sounds a bit "clique" when I admit to my shoe obsession. 

I mean i'm the kind of girl who will go to work and college in a pair of vans or converse, and these are my "Go To's" like they are just easy and comfortable and go with absolutely anything.

However, no matter what time of year it is I always have a thing for boots. I know its supposed to be a season thing but I just adore them!! 

So when I was on instagram a couple of weeks ago and saw these babies on my Explore Feed, I went on the page to discover a website called LoudLook, it was like I died and woke up in Heaven. After hours of scrolling, I finally settled on these Berenice Ankle Boots which were only £12.99!! I think that is probably the best bargain I have found all year. Considering I usually go to New Look for my boots which is about double the price.

I've also found other shoes on this site which I will definitely be ordering when payday comes around again such as the Florence Ankle Boot which will fit nicely in my boot collection alongside the Alexandria Boots which are a great dupe for Timberland Boots and are so easy to wear! And finally on my wish list are the Agatha Boots which are probably my absolute favourite!

What are your favourite shoes on your wish list at the moment?

Lily xo


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