Saturday, 23 July 2016

Starlight Express

Last Week, I was given the opportunity to work alongside Stage 84's production on "Starlight Express" at Bingley Arts Theatre. I must admit that prior to working the event, I was super nervous about working in a professional theatre as i've only ever worked for college productions before and I was also a bag of nerves at the thought of working with a group of 30 who had known each other for almost 10 years! The students were like one big family and I felt like I was going to be a huge outsider. The thing that got me out of my house and in to that theatre despite the nerves is that I would be doing what I love. For as long as I can remember i've wanted to do Make Up for Film, Tv & Theatre and I hope this is just the starts!

I was soon proved that my nerves were unnecessary. The whole cast and crew were so unbelievably friendly and helpful, I didn't feel out of place or uncomfortable at all. They made the hours prior to the show so entertaining and I was so sad when the curtains fell for the last time on the Saturday evening show.

I can't even begin to express how talented this group of 14 to 19 year olds are. They blew me away, I felt like I was watching a real professional West End production! I mean, singing, dancing and acting are one thing but to do that all on skates? Jeez!

I've inserted just a few of the photos I got of me completing the Make Up which I will insert for my portfolio! You'll have to excuse the concentration face though...

I know this is a short post but I just wanted to fill you guys in on what i've been up to and how much fun I had! I can't wait for someday when I make this my career and build my life off it! My dream is to develop into special effects & prosthetics as some of you may already be aware. I dream big and hope eventually I end up working on Hollywood sets!

I hope you all enjoyed this short post! Would you all be interested in more Stage Make Up/ Special effect/ Fantasy posts? Or shall I keep it more casual with my reviews and swatches? 

Let me know!

Lily xo



  1. That looks amazing! I can barely stand in skates, never mind dance! x

  2. I miss doing theater! I haven't done it since high school. Stage makeup is an art of it's own, so I'm happy you're getting out there and doing it, girl! XOXO

    Breanna Catharina

    1. it's such a huge passion of mine!! Thank you so much xo


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