Saturday, 20 August 2016

All things Highlight & Contour...

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, in fact it was pretty much since my ABH Contour Palette arrived through the post last month and may I add, this is hands down the best products I have bought all year. I am in love! It's ever so creamy and pigmented as well long lasting and the finish just looks so natural, the one and only flaw I would have is the amount it creases under my eyes but with the help of my little friend Ben Nye Banana Powder, this problem is easily fixed!

The products shown above are the ones I use when I want a natural matte finish, this is why no shimmery highlighters are included. It all depends how I feel when I wake up on a morning, do I want to slay with my glow or do I want to look flawless matte?

Seeing as I've already talked about my Sleek Highlight here.  I thought I'd guide you through my matte look.

I tend to usually apply my primer, foundation, eyeshadow before my contour due to the fact I don't want fallout from my eyeshadow. The only thing I actually apply after my contour is my brows, but obviously I decided I wanted my brows for this blog post. I always start with my highlight from the ABH Cream contour, I use the shade "Banana" under my eyes as I feel this is what makes me look more awake as well as hiding those bags well. It also works hand in hand with the Ben Nye powder and just gives the most amazing finish.

I then follow with the shade "Fair" and highlight my 
  • Forehead (I have a small forehead so I take this up quite high)
  • Chin
  • Cupids Bow
  • Bridge of nose
  • Corner of Lips

After Highlight, it's time for the darker stuff! The Light ABH Palette comes with 3 similar contour shades, my favourites being "Light Sculpt" which I tend to use for a bronze effect and then "Havana" which is a darker shade which I use more for sculpting. I start with my cheekbones with "Light Sculpt" and then darken this underneath along my cheekbone for a more defined look. I also place "Light Sculpt" under the bottom of my lip for a more poutier illusion. For my forehead, as I mentioned I have a smaller forehead so I only place a small amount compared to the highlight to make it appear slightly bigger than it is, I start with "Havana" along the hairline and blend down with "Light Sculpt". To finish with the cream, I place "Havana" along my jawline, down the sides of my nose and two half moons on my temples for a slimmer illusion.

Once I'm done with the cream contour, a take a damp sponge and dab my worries away!

I'll then bake under my eyes with the Banana powder and leave that there whilst I take Benefits Hoola Bronzer and softly blend this over the areas I took my contour. 

I really do not know what I did before I bought ABH's contour palette, it really is my holy grail product and even though it is on the pricey end, if it's something you're on the fence about I can promise you it is 100% worth the money!!

What are your Go To Highlight & Contour Products?

Lily xo



  1. The ABH contour kit sounds amazing and the photos you included in this post really helped show how you use it. I think I'm gonna have to invest in it soon! x


    1. I was on the fence about buying it for months! And I finally just took the splurge and I have not looked back, it's so much better than I imagined and it's so easy to use and blend! I would completely recommend it x

  2. Great outcome!
    I wasn't so keen on mine at first but it is really fab!

    Great post!

  3. Great post! Love the in-depth tutorial & I'm actually SO jealous you have the ABH contour kit, I went cheaper and opted for the Morphe palette in all my youtube videos GUILTY IM POOR lol. Im on the hunt for an amazing shimmer highlighter tho but all i can think about is the ABH glow kits! *sobs*

    1. You can't flaw morphe though, so great and so affordable! Don't even get me started on the glow kits, I can't quite justify splashing out on one after buying the cream contour but one day I will own that baby!! X


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