Tuesday, 30 August 2016

August Favourites

It's so crazy to think we are literally a couple of days away from September!! It will be Christmas before we know it...

I knew exactly what would be featured in this months favourites post as soon as I began to plan it, these 4 products have just been saving my beauty life recently and I couldn't not share them with you!

The Body Shop Himalayn Charcoal Mask

I have already talked about this in a recent post after kindly being sent it after it's release, you can view that post here where I talk about all 5 new masks and their aim for suitable skin types. 

But this mask is my ultimate favourite! It makes my skin feel brand new and unclogged and because I'm at that awkward age 17 almost 18 stage of my life where my pores at their worst, this really just helps eliminate that. It really is the perfect mask for teenagers out there suffering with breakouts.

L'oreal True Match Foundation

Recently I had the heartbreak of my Nars Sheer Glow running out (*cries*) and not wanting to fork out £30 since I am doing my best to save for Camp America, I decided now was a good time to try out drugstore foundation. Having heard good reviews on this foundation, I gave it a go and honestly I love it! I think it works just as well as my Nars and leave my skin looking fresh and glowy. 

I think this purchase made me realise I need to stop being a brand snob, as much as I love my high end products, drugstore are a great more affordable alternative and unless I have the money to splash out on my holy grails like the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, I am more than happy to keep discovering awesome products like this.

L'oreal Infallible Mattifying Base

I picked this up the same day I picked up the true match foundation as L'oreal were having a 3 for 2 at Boots and although I am trying to cut back and save my money, let's be honest, i'm not gonna throw away a deal like that...

So as you know if you've read some of my previous posts, the primer I always use is the Nivea Post Shave Balm but after getting a bit tired of smelling like a man everyday, I thought it might be nice to mix it up a bit. 

The first thing I thought when I used this infallible primer was that it is a great dupe for Benefits Professional Primer!! I love the professional, but again.. cutbacks!! I really do find that my make up lasts all day with this underneath, even in the hot sweaty weather we've been having recently, and for £7.99 compared to £24.50 of Porefessional, you really are getting a great product for an exceptional bargain!

Morphe Palette 12NB

Unfortunately, I do not own any of the gorgeous large morphe palettes but I am an owner of this little beauty and they do say the best things come in small packages, in this case, it couldn't be more true. I picked this up randomly on a BeautyBay Haul a couple of weeks ago after not hearing many reviews or talk about it, it was quite a risky buy but after playing around with it, I've found it is great for that everyday matte eye look! I pick this up when I'm feeling a quite natural eye day or even if I'm just feeling  bit lazy because these formulas blend so well together and I find it takes me a matter of minutes to finish my eyeshadow and it look as if i've spent a lot longer due to the pigment and overall look. One day, I will own all of the Morphe Palettes there is out there... but for now, I am happy with my little 12NB.

So thats it for another month! Now we're 9 months into the year and everything getting a lot closer, this month I'll be applying to Uni and going back to college for my biggest project yet! But don't worry, my minimum 2 posts will still be uploaded.

What have you all been loving in the month of August?

Lily xo


  1. That eye shadow palette looks gorgeous!


  2. I love the L'oreal foundation! Haven't tried infallible primer yet though x

  3. I think this morphe palette is actually better than the big ones! You actually get the chance to use all the eyeshadows :)



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