Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Guest Post Wednesday

Hey Lovelies! Here's my first Guest post from the lovely Kate Rose comparing drugstore powders to High End powders! I still have a few slots open for guest posts so read here and get in contact for more info. Without further ado, here is out first guest post...

I've always loved a good drugstore vs high end post where you can find out whether splurging that extra bit of cash is worth it or not. So today thanks to the lovely Lily I'm bringing you a drugstore vs highend post on loose powders featuring the Laura Mercier loose setting powder and the Nyx HD studio loose powder. 

The Laura Mercier loose setting powder £29

- No flashback
- Leaves the skin where you've applied it looking extremely flawless
- Perfect for baking as it really helps give a defined contour line and highlight under eyes
- Sets makeup matte really well
- The packaging looks extremely luxurious and the tub is so big it'll last forever

- The price :(
- If put on top of a few layers of concealer, it can turn my concealer slightly orange

The Nyx HD studio loose powder £8

- Leaves the skin where applied feeling very soft
- Makes a contour line look very sharp

- Gives really obvious flashback
- Turns my face makeup orange where it's applied
- Even when brushed away very vigorously, can still leave a white residue
- Very messy as the holes for the powder to come out of are larger than the Laura Mercier ones

So overall the Laura Mercier powder is by far the better of the two. I am actually not keen on the Nyx one at all and it's a definite no go if you are going to be anywhere near flash photography.

Although the LM one is extremely pricy compared to the Nyx version I really do think it's worth the money and investment as I genuinely think it's so big it'll last you forever.

I'd love to know if you've tried either of these and what your thoughts are on them. Thank you so much to Lily for letting me guest post here on her blog and I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading.
Kate Rose xo

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  1. Great job on the guest blogger post! This was a good one as I seem to always try and find a good setting powder. Think I dodged a bullet not buying the NYX. Might have to invest in the Laura Mercier one though. Great job :)



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