Monday, 1 August 2016

July Faves

How is it already August? We're 4 months away from 2017!! I was casually scrolling through my Instagram feed and looking at photos that feel like they were taken last week when in reality they were 6 months ago, it's crazy!!

Anyway, back on to topic! I've picked 4 products this month which i've been absolutely loving and have been dying to talk to you all about. What I like about this months favourites is the price range, I have a few drugstore items as well as high branded products, and if you know me well, you know that usually, I don't shop drugstore. I do tend to notice the lower quality but I do come across some exceptions!

Make Up Revolution Blush Palette - Hot Spice

I have a love/hate relationship with Revolution, some of their products have made their ways into my daily routine and others i've bought and regretted. They are so affordable though, so they are great for building up kits and for people who are just starting out with Make Up. This Blush Palette however is a holy grail for me. It has all the blush colours that I dream of all in one package and for 9 blushes for £6, well you can't go wrong!! There are also 2 highlight shades in this palette which are switched towards the right hand side, the last one I regularly use as a highlighter simply because I prefer pink toned highlighters ( which is why I live the Sleek Highlight Palette so much!), the second to last shade is more of a blush than a highlight but it is perfect for blending underneath highlighter! I would completely recommend this whether you're new to Make Up or a Make Up Junkie! It works for anyone.

NYX Waterproof Glam Liner - Glam Pink

When the new NYX stall landed in my local boots last month, my pay check was halved within my first visit. NYX are definitely one of my favourite brands, I love that they are so extremely different to any other brand, they emphasises colour and originality and there formulas are brilliant compared to the price they sell them for. So I spontaneously picked up this eyeliner which is a colour I wouldn't usually go for but I like to experiment every now and again. I stay pretty safe with my everyday Make Up routine but i'm trying to work on my confidence here and leave the house with Make Up that I enjoy doing, incorporating a bit of colour or glitter here and there. I've used this eyeliner to cut my crease on a berry cut crease look I did and I loved it! I've also just used it to underline winged liner and it gives me that little colour and glitter i've been hoping for! I usually find it hard to find a coloured eyeliner that is so pigmented that i only have to apply it once, but even from testing this product, it just glided on so effortlessly and pigmented! I was so pleased that I actually went out of my comfort zone and wore this.

Face Fix Green Concealer

I have a redness on the apples of my cheeks, and depending on what foundation i'm using, sometimes I just can't seem to cover it. I decided to try a green concealer to neutralise this redness and wow. I just didn't expect it to work so well!! No matter what foundation I use whether its drugstore or high end, the concealer under my foundation hides my redness all day.

Illamasque Pure Pigment - Static

I've been loving this product a lot longer than a month but it's been a while since my last favourites post. But I couldn't hide this beautiful product from you any longer. It's a bit on the pricey side at £17 but Illamasque is a brand that never fails to disappoint so I decided to make the splurge. I first discovered this when one of my college friends was wearing it in the corner of her eye and I thought it looked gorgeous! Just the hint of a purple sparkle that caught the light and illuminated her eyes instantly so I had to get hold of one myself. I got the same shade "Static" but I am definitely going to look in to more shades when payday comes around. I've worn this shade on nights out with a smokey eye and lashes and i've also worn out casually with just a bit of mascara and I get compliments on it everytime I wear it! Honestly, this product hypnotises people its so beautiful! I just stick some Urban decay Primer potion in the corner of my eye and dap some of the pigment on top, you only need a little bit, a little goes a long way with this product!

So there it is. My monthly favourites! I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing.

What products have you been loving this month?

Lily xo



  1. I've being dying to buy something new from NYX! This looks great and I love the blush pallete x

  2. I love Hot Spice! And you're right, that highlighter is doooooope

  3. I absolutely loved this post Lily! I agree that Revolution has such great products at such an affordable price! I can't believe that the blush palette was only £6!
    -Olivia Xxx

  4. That Make Up Revolution blush palette looks like something I should have a friend of mine try out. I'm not one for blush but she is. :)

    S .x

  5. Ooh I love NYX!! Have you tried the liquid lipsticks?! I have three and I think Stockholm is my fave xx

  6. Oh my goodness you have scared me with the 4 months until 2017! It's so true, January feels like yesterday!! And NO WAY, I didn't even know NYX do colour liquid liners, I sosososo need to give these a go now, I am glad you gave them a good review! Great post lovely. XXX

  7. That Make Up Revolution Blush Palette looks amazing! I love the variation of shades that it contains. I've always wanted to try out the NYX colour liquid liners, they sound amazing and so adventurous too.

    Such a lovely post, a product I've been loving this month has got to be the Colourpop highlights - such a gorgeous glow!

    Sophie - eselle x

  8. I reaaaaaaally want to try some nyx lip products! I've been obsessed with matte lips- bourjois velvet rouge edition are my current faves, but I've such good things about nyx- and their shades do look gorgeous! The green concealer sounds really interesting too- I've got rosy cheeks too and they can be such a pain! Thanks for sharing :)

    Katie |

    1. Matte lips are great!! I have one of the bourjois velvets but I don't reach for it as much as I should.

      I love my green concealer! It's so simple yet so effect x


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