Thursday, 1 September 2016

Competition Time!!

Brought together by a mutual interest in creativity, StudioJC Photography and Lily Deal have joined forces to bring you a snapchat competition! The competition will comprise of the best Snapchat submissions from around the world in order to win a voucher for the shop of your choice with a value of £10.

A jury consisting of StudioJC Photography and Lily Deal will select the winning snapchat submission. The competition will begin on the 1st September at 00.00am and will run till 30th September 11.59pm. Entries can be submitted via snapchat or email. If you wish to submit via snapchat send them to @jackkcc1 or @lilydeal. If you wish to send your submission by email send them to or

Disclaimer - By submitting your photo to either StudioJC Photography or Lily Deal you agree to your photo being published on our websites if you are the competition winner.’



  1. Oh, never heard of snapchat giveaways! :) Good idea


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