Wednesday, 28 September 2016

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Fall 2016 Makeup Trends You Cannot Miss By Any Chance
It’s just four months before we officially start off with a new year, and it is just the perfect time to actually evaluate and check some of the best ideas from runways. This is going to be a post about the best makeup trends for fall 2016, where we are going to pick some of the best ideas on fashion weeks. If you are someone who loves to flick your eyeliner a tad more or play around the various colour palettes for the face, these are things you need to know.

Go for glitter:  Glitter worked big time for the fall, and it was rather refreshing to see some amazing ideas float at shows of names like Burberry, and Giambattista Valli. The idea is probably to use a little of glitter, mainly around the eyes, and this can be anything from chunky glitter on the outer corner of the eye to more classic ways of using the glitter kohl or eyeliner pencil around the waterline. You can use this trend perfectly for the evenings, and for some great picks for a party, click here.

Love for colour: When we talk of colour, we often think of the spring, but that isn’t the case anymore. Many of the designers actually allowed the fall colours to seep through and as a result, we had everything in more pop shades. This includes use of candy coloured lippies, blue mascara and even coloured liner. As a trend, you can try this one with almost anything, given that the traditional fall outfits don’t have much of colour. For a classic monotone look, a little bit of extra makeup surely does the trick. Probably, you might want to experiment a bit more with the colours used for your waterline and eyeliner.

Smoky eye: Smoked up is anything but new, and yet this is one of the classic looks that you just don’t want to mess up. The good thing about smoky looks is the incredible options for experimentation. You can play around the dark colours and still have an artistic appeal about the way you use those eye palettes. If you want to make smoky eye look more vibrant and appealing, you should take a check at Saint Laurent and Moschino looks to get some inspiration. Don’t shy away from trying new ways to dramatize the eyes.

Finally, let’s also talk of the amazing gothic coloured lip shades that were seen at a number of shows. These are your classic fall shades, often too dark and yet there is a kind of baring that makes the trend reasonable enough. Hope you liked this post, and we will meet soon. Until next time, take out all those fun fall lip colours and be the vamp!
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Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and the chief writer and editor for the House Of Elegance Fashion. Known for her quirky style of writing and great practical tips on fashion, she has authored posts for many leading websites and blogs as a guest author.


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