Friday, 16 September 2016

My first Morphe Palette - 35OS

Oh my god. This palette!! It has flown right up there to my favourite palette (alongside modern renaissance of course) but I really can not flaw this.

Having not owned one of the 35 colour morphe palette's before, I've been on the fence whether I wanted one or and which one I wanted for months! And when I finally found that glamsaidey had the morphe 35O collection in, I added the OS to my palette quicker than you could say morphe palette.

The palette insists of the 35 shades included in the original 35O but all in shimmer form. I thought these colours were perfect for Autumn what with the bronze shades and the golds. After buying this, I also now really want the 35OM which is all the shades in a matte form.

The formula and pigmentation of this palette is beyond perfection. I can't believe how buttery the formula is! What fascinates me even more is the price, for £20 you receive 35 buttery long lasting gorgeous shades, am I dreaming?

I had to swatch the colours for you to prove how buttery and pigmented they all are!!

What Morphe Palettes do you own/wish you owned?

Lily xo



  1. AH, I love this!! I've actually been researching Morphe palette's because I don't have one yet either. This is the topping on the cake for me to get one. It's a beaaautiful palette and it looks such great quality for such a great price! Thanks for the post! :)


    1. I love it so much!! You should totally treat yourself to one X

  2. omg loveeee these colours!! Morphe is defoo on my need to buy list!! xox

  3. This is truly the most perfect palette for Autumn! Where can I buy it?!

  4. This shades are gorgeous! What an amazing palette.
    sammy xx

  5. I really want a Morphe palette - the shades look SO pigmented and gorgeous!
    Ellie xo

  6. I really want a Morphe palette - the shades look SO pigmented and gorgeous!
    Ellie xo

  7. These colours are beautiful and definitely look good for autumn! xxx

  8. The colours in this pallette though *heart eyes emoji.* I NEED ASAP. X

  9. Holy moly these are absolutely perfect for Fall! Obsessed.


  10. 35 Shades is just ridiculously awesome - I didn't even know I needed this until I saw this post! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I've heard a lot about these morphe palettes but have yet to pick one up. The colors look gorgeous and who can resist some shimmer?! Do you have any favorite colors yet? Thanks for sharing!



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