Monday, 26 September 2016

The Quick & Easy way to clean your brushes

I am terrible when it comes to cleaning my brushes, especially my eye brushes! Face brushes I am more strict with and aim to do this twice a week, if not weekly, due to the bacteria and the outcome of break outs. However, my eyeshadow brushes I am lazy with!

So when Beauty Essentials sent me their shadow switch, I was over the moon. It's so easy to use and solves all my problems! 

Eyeshadow is my favourite part of my make up routine, I am always switching it up with colours but this makes it difficult when you come to use a brush for a transition shade when its covered in pink shadow from the previous day. 

With the Shadow switch, I can swirl my brush around the pot and all is right again! My brush is clean and ready for application, it's so easy and quick to use, I couldn't recommend it more!

Whats your secret to cleaning your brushes?

Lily xo



  1. This sounds like such an amazing product that would come in handy so much! Definitely gonna have to get one of these myself. x


    1. They're so affordable and so worth it! X


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