Sunday, 25 September 2016

The SFX Series - Wounds/Cuts

Derma wax is a sticky type of wax that blends in to the skin with a dimensional effect. It is most commonly used for special effects such as wounds, burns and scars but can also be used on stage for blocking out eyebrows and added extras such as warts or moles.
Derma wax is applied by using a spatula to scrape a small proportion out of the packaging and then it is rolled between the fingers to smooth it out a little, before smoothing it can be helpful to use a moisturiser on fingertips to stop the wax sticking, this also makes the wax a lot easier to work with.
To make a simple wound with wax, the wax is rolled into a sausage shape and placed on to the skin and the edges are blended in to the surrounding skin for stability and to blend the wax in. Once this is done, the thinner end of the spatula can scrape down the middle in a rugged line to create the crease of the wound. At this point it may be easier to add some more moisturiser to ease the stickiness. After this, colour can be added with darker shades in the middle of the crease and the lighter ones towards the skin bed. Congealed blood and film blood are added last for a more effective look.
More effective special effects can be used with derma wax through the same application but just with extra detail, for example zombie bites.
Snazaroo do their own make of derma wax which is usually available at Fancy Dress shops, you can also order it online through Ebay or Amazon for cheap! For colouring, I use Kryolan SupraPalette however you can use dark shades of lipsticks as an alternative.

Just 5 weeks till Halloween!!

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  1. This is awesome! You're so good at it too, last weeks bruising was amazing, can't wait to see more from the series as Halloween approaches X

    1. Thank you so much! So glad you're enjoying it x

  2. This is amazing!! I love this sort of stuff I'm just so bad aha! Keep it up lovely xox

  3. These are so good! Really getting me in the Halloween spirit, its so realistic looking and yet sounds reasonably simple to achieve, you explain it really well

    Pandora xo

  4. This looks amazing!! Such an interesting blog series too!

  5. Love the bruising effect in the top pic! I'm so ready for Halloween, and so happy I stumbled on your SFX post - I'm a crazy horror movie fan. Stop by and check out my 31 days of horror next month if you have a chance. I'd love your thoughts. And fantastic series idea! I'll be following along :-)


    1. I will definitely check that out! I love all things gore aha! Glad you enjoyed x

  6. This is amazing Lily!!

    Lily xx


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