Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Autumn Lips

I am SO excited that we're officially in Autumn! By far my favourite season, the crunchy leaves, the thick layers, the autumnal boots and of course the gold eyes and berry lips. So I dug out my favourite Autumn Lipsticks, some are drugstore and some are higher end but these are my Go To for the next few months.

From Left to Right: Revlon Colourburst shade "Crush", Kylie Lip Kit shade "Kourt K" , Rimmel Kate Moss in "Retro Red", MAC matte finish - Diva, Topshop Lips in "Inhibition" and NARS Sheer Lipstick shade "Damage"

Revlon Colourburst - Crush

My fave thing about the colourburst range is the peppermint tingly sensation you get once applied! It's also really hydrating which is exactly what I need in the chilly Autumnal weather because if you've read my previous posts, I get the worst dry chapped lips possible. It's quite a deep berry colour but due to it's sheer finish, it looks so gorgeous and natural on the lips.

Kylie Lip Kit - Kourt K 

I've already talked about this in my Lip Kit Reviews but I just need to give a bit hats off for Kylie for creating a dark shade liquid lipstick formula that doesn't look patchy!! There's a lot of mixed reviews about these Lip Kits but I honestly love them, I think they're fab and if it wasn't for customs fee's I'm pretty sure I would own the entire collection by now. But this shade is arghhh.. just wow! It's my colour, I love a good dark lip in autumn time as you can probably tell by my swatches.

Rimmel Kate Moss - Retro Red

This has more of a pinker undertone compared to the rest, it's that perfect berry colour. It looks so great on it's own, I wear this when I'm feeling lazy with my eyeshadow because it's just a nice statement look. Saying that, it obviously looks perfect paired with a gold eye too. I think this is the cheapest of the selection, so if you're on a budget I would highly recommend picking this up this season.

MAC - Diva

This and Velvet Teddy will always be my favourite MAC Lipsticks. I don't know what it is about the matte formulas from MAC but I find they work really well with my lips opposed to every other matte formula which will eventually dry out my lips. I really love the red/pink vibe it has going for it, I went through a phase 2 years ago where I pretty much wore this every day of Autumn and I think it's definitely going to make a big reappearance this season too.

Topshop - Inhibition

This is my second repurchase of this shade, it was the first purple shade I ever owned and I've stuck by it ever since. I do find that it dries my lips out slightly but out of loyalty,  I will never give up my love for this Lipstick.

NARS Sheer Lipstick - Damage

Again, pulling this out from excessive wear through previous Autumns. I can't express my love for this, I think the NARS Sheer Lipsticks are so underrated. The formula is so moisturising and so satisfying to sit on the lips all day. And this colour looks so perfect in a sheer formula! It's become my handbag Lipstick, whenever I forget to apply in the morning, I just apply this on the go, due to it's sheer finish, its easy application!

What are your favourite Autumnal Lip Picks?

Lily xo


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  1. Lovely picks! These shades are so pretty and definitely great for Fall. I didn't realize how dark the Kylie lipstick actually was, wow! Still a beauty of a colour though.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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