Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The SFX Series - Melting Skull

Inspired by the gorgeous Desi Perkins, I decided to recreate the "melting skull" look. I must admit, I am very proud of how this turned out, but looking back, my biggest flaw is the teeth! Definitely needs a lot of work...

Being a SFX Student, I already had all equipment available at hand. But I do realise, going out and buying SFX Products is not an option for everyone, my best advice to recreate this look on a budget would be to head down to your local Supermarket and pick up a box of Gelatin instead. Alternatively you can buy the official Mehron 3D Gel that I used here.

Start the look of by using a white eyeliner to separate the skull half and the drip marks. Then go in with a white face paint / cream paint to fill this section in. I then focused on the drip marks, blending  black from the top to a grey and then back into the white. I then went over to the skull half and added the vital components including the eye, jawline, temple and teeth. When working with the teeth, my biggest advice would be not to overwork it. Because that is exactly what I did and I ended up making them look a mess and wasted so much time. The best way to go about it is to actually take a kohl black liner and draw the outlines (think hershey kisses!!) and then just take some black watered down face paint to add some dimension around the teeth. I would also suggest looking at a skull references whilst doing this - tate langdon is a great choice!

Once the basics are in, just take a black eyshaodw and add the shading, I did this around the temple and the eye to make them look more dimensional. I also added the forehead line (don't judge me, I don't know the correct bone terminology) as I thought this was vital and the skull just wouldn't look realistic without it. I made sure to blend this black eyeshadow into the base white paint. Another area I added the black eyeshadow was around the line that separated the original skin to the skull side, basically where I was planning to add the 3D Gel. 

Then it's time for the fun part! May I add, please be careful using these products, they are hot and you do not want to end up with permanent burns - they may look good over the Halloween Weekend but I imagine they will be a huge burden the rest of your life. So basically with the gel, you're just dripping it down the face wherever you think it's necessary. This is a very messy part so I would also recommend wearing clothes you don't really care for and changing into your costumer after you've done this step. 

And then thats it! Gel is a great product to remove too, unlike latex and wax, you can just pick the product off when you're done with it.

So have you guys planned your Halloween costumes yet??

Lily xo



  1. This looks soooooo good, literally obsessed!

  2. Omg this looks unreal such a good artist! Pixie.

  3. This looks amazing!! You're so talented x
    Morgan /

  4. This. Is. AMAZING!!! X

  5. this looks amazing Lily!! x

  6. Oh wow!! That is AMAZING!! I wish I was that good with SFX - or just good at it at all ❤️

    Lisa |

  7. Wow, that is scary! I've never seen anything like that before, very unique for halloween. Your head is literally a candle haha!

    Hazel -

    1. ahah thank you!! I like the candle reference x

  8. This is actually incredible! I love looking at your SFX work!
    -Olivia Xxxx

  9. Whoa, that's super impressive. You're talented, lady!

  10. this looks soooo cool! talented lady! XX

  11. This looks absolutely amazing!

    Tasha x

  12. This looks incredible! Your makeup skills are amazing!


  13. Ooooh! I love this! Nice work 💀

  14. WOW! Amazing! You are very talented!


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