Sunday, 9 October 2016

The SFX Series - Ripped Nail

It's that time of the week again! So we've covered bruises, wounds and zombie bites. This week we're focusing on my favourite special effect of all time! I think this is such a simple process for a truly gorey realistic look. Unlike the other effects, we covered the past few weeks, theres little theory behind the broken nail, you don't need to consider factors that affect the wound like the others.

So you will need,
  • Fake Nails
  • Eyelash Glue
  • Cotton Wool
  • Shades of Red Lipsticks
  • Film Blood
First you're just going to take the lightest shade of red lipstick that you have and apply this all over the nail. Once you've done this you want to rip the nail in half, try to not cut it as it doesn't leave the rugged torn effect that we're going for. Once it's torn, you want to apply one of the halves of the nail to your actual nail with the eyelash glue. Then apply the eyelash glue and cotton wool to the other side of the nail. Then you just need to work with the colours, add the deeper reds around the area of the broken nail and blend into the original red colour. Once you're happy with the blending, you want to apply the blood down the crack and stipple around the nail. An optional step is to add bruising around the finger, you can find my bruise method here.

So there we go, we've now covered 4 different effects, just 2 left!

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Lily xo


  1. that looks so scary yet so good!! amazing!! X

  2. This looks amazing!! I want to try this on someone just for fun haha!

  3. Wow omg that's look so scary so creative. Xx

  4. Omg this is insane! It actually made me feel a little bit ill for a second haha amazing idea! Xx

  5. omg that looks so good and scary! I cringed when I first saw it. You're so talented!

  6. That looks crazily real! Was really shocked when I saw it at first!

    Hannah |

  7. This looks so real!!! What a great and informative post x

  8. This is so cool! It freaked me out at first I must say, but it's very creative. Lots of people get so creative during Halloween time! Lol. I actually thought it was real and was lowkey freaked out lol. The fact that it looks real shows your talent girl.💗💗💗

  9. This is so awesome! I always end up binge watching sfx tutorials this time of year, love it! x

  10. This is so frikken cool!! The photo really made me cringe it looks so real!


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