Sunday, 20 November 2016

The most beautiful brushes...

I have had my eyes on these babies for months now. I've heard nothing but amazing reviews and the appearance of the brushes is just beyond eye catching.

So when I entered one of their competitions a few weeks back to win a £60 voucher for their products, the last thing I was expecting to do was win... but I woke up Wednesday morning to a message congratulating me on my win! I was over the moon.

I actually bought these sets less than an hour later, I couldn't hold myself back as I knew exactly what I wanted as I had been eyeing them up longer than I can remember. I bought the 4 piece contour set and the 8 piece blending set  which came to exactly £60 so all I had to pay was shipping which was about £2.95. So basically I got 12 brushes for £2.95??

I don't know why I held off so many months from buying these. They look even more beautiful in person and they are so soft and I must admit, the quality is probably one of the best that I've ever come across, especially the blending set! I've always struggles to find an eye brush set that included brushes that would fit every detail of my eye socket, whilst also being great quality and not malting or shredding in use. I must say that these pick up product and drop them off exceptionally, and the range of brushes is just amazing. The same goes with the contour set, a lot of my previous brushes seem to steal my product when applying but these do exactly what they're supposed too.

They're not only pretty, they're exceptionally practical and I really could not recommend them enough. You also get 10% off on your first purchase if you sign up to their mailing list. Do you really need another reason to order?

Have you entered my giveaway yet?

Lily xo


  1. Wowzas! These look amazing, so different too x
    Morgan //

  2. Ive had my eye on these a while now too, your review makes me want them more

    Courteney writes xxx

  3. ahhh congrats on winning! you're so lucky and oh my god! I've heard everyone talking about their brushes! they look so cute and quirky! lovely post hun x

  4. Wow what an amazing win! I love spectrum brushes, they are sooo good! Fab post!
    Rachel |

  5. They are soooo pretty!

  6. Oh wow! NEED these asap! They would look lovely on a vanity :)

    Terri X

  7. I'm so glad these lived up to the hype! They're all I've seen on twitter and instagram and I worried about whether they would live up to the expectations- I'm glad they did. Great review!
    Robyn //

  8. Ah what a lucky win! I really want to get my hands on these brushes, they look incredible xx

  9. I've been seeing these everywhere and they're absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on your win, a great purchase for under £3!


  10. They look amazing; and congratulations on winning!!

    Eloise x

  11. LOVE my spectrum brushes, def need to pick up some more xXx

  12. I need to get my hands on some of these!

  13. I keep hearing good things about them, I need to try them for myself! :)

  14. These look like lovely brushes x


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