Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The SFX Series - Hole in Hand

Although Halloween is long gone, my love for SFX is not. I dream of working in the SFX & prosthetics indursty, so I feel like Halloween is every week for me. I thought, why should I stop my SFX Series when it's something I am truly passionate about. After all, isn't that what blogging is about? Writing about what you love. So, this series is not about to come to an end just yet.

If you've been following my SFX Series, you'll find this look rather easy as the process is very similar to the general cut method ( find post here ).

You can do this look with any book, magazine, newspaper or blank lined paper as I did. The way it works is, you start off by tearing out a circle of the chosen document and placing it on the palm of the hand, you then scoop out your wax and just blend it out on the edge of the torn out piece of paper into your hand and just keep blending until you can no longer see the seams between hand and wax. One factor that is very important though, is to ensure the document lines up with the original background, you might be able to tell but I didn't line the lined paper on my hand up straight, meaning when it came to taking the picture, I had to lean my hand slightly,

However, the trickiest part is over now. All thats left is to add the colour which makes the wound look sore. I just took a deep burgundy shade into where the paper met the wax and then blended it out into a softer red on to the skin.

An optional step is to add blood, I didn't go overboard here because I thought the effect would look better less blood, if that makes sense? But if you do decide to add blood, I'd suggest taking an old paintbrush just to stipple the blood on for a more realistic look.

And that's it! Such an easy method but so effective!

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