MH Awareness Week: How you can help those struggling

Over the past few years, mental health has been a rising issue. The illness has no limits; it targets both genders, all ages under every circumstance. This week marks mental health awareness week, but it’s an illness that we should be aware of all year round.

Katie, 19, accounting student at Liverpool John Moore's said “I have struggled with multiple mental health disorders since I was 16. It’s only recently that its become something I don’t feel ashamed of but for a long time people were scared to talk about mental health, it was like it was taboo or something”

Mental health needs to be taken as seriously as physical health. Nobody is weak for asking for help.

Tom, 23 mechanical engineer from Bradford said “I feel like my friends still don’t understand. Especially because I’m a guy. It can be hard to not feel so alone sometimes”

So how can you help someone that might be struggling?

1) Know the signs.
Be aware of those around you.
 Question when your friends aren’t acting themselves, are they’re eating too much/too little? Likewise sleeping too much/too little? If they’re talking about themselves negatively or even talking about suicidal thoughts, this is a cry for help.

2) Talk.
Simply check in on your friends. A text, a call, a visit. People hate to be lonely, showing your support could do more for them than you’ll ever know.

3) Don’t be critical.
It can be hard to understand mental health if you’ve never experienced it, but just listen.

4) Keep in touch.
As mentioned earlier, mental health shouldn’t be something that’s considered once every year. Keep checking in, keep noticing. Be a friend.


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