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Vietnam by Train - How could this be enhance for the web?

The first thing that publishing to the web offers is the use of multimedia. The text could be paired with some gorgeous photos or video of the train journey. The use of visuals will be important especially considering how lengthy the article is, this will most likely need cutting down for web use so accompanying it with something like a montage of videos and photos will fill in the gaps. The visuals will also break the text up.

Focusing now on the text, other than the word count being decreased by at least half. The copy needs to be broken into shorter paragraphs to keep the reader engaged. The text also involves some quotes, these can be used as pull quotes on the web redesign to grab the readers attention. Another idea is to use lists, this is a good method of cutting a chunk of text down to a smaller word count whilst still getting the point across.

The text conversion from article to web as mentioned will be about half the word count. However there may be other alterations to the text in this exchange. Web articles tend to be more informal, a bit more chatty shall we say. The text needs to be more conversational, speaking to the reader directly and engaging them quickly before they can move on. It's harder to grab a readers attention via the web as it's easier to scan and move on. Headings and sub-headings also need to be clear but simple, similar to the language of the body text as this also needs to be simple and concise.


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