FEATURE WRITING TASK 4B - Journalism in the digital age

Stories need quotes and interviewing is the key to getting them
First decide what it is you want to know from the interviewee.
List your research and & why you want this information.
Rank your research least to most important.

A good interviewee needs to be accessible, reliable, accountable & quotable. 

When meeting an interview, arrive early. Be in control & remain professional. 

There are 2 types of questions when interviewing, those that are planned and those that came up in the interview. 

When asking questions:

-       Don’t write out the questions, instead have trigger words.
-       Don’t ask predictable questions
-       Avoid general questions 
-       Don’t be shy

An interviewee is most likely to be nervous, put them at ease but don’t let them take over, be in charge. But don’t interrupt them unless you have too, let them talk.

Herbert, J. (2016). Journalism in the digital age. [Place of publication not identified]: Focal, p.chapter 11.


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