Feedback & Reflection

After being given my feedback, I find it opens my mind to ways I could have alternatively worked or enhanced my work. For example, one of my feedback points in my first week of work was to include the occupation/location of the people I used quotes from. This was information I actually had written down, it just somehow got missed when I was writing up the article. 

Reflecting back upon my work, I think my journalism skills are developing steadily. I definitely feel more confident in my work now compared to a year ago. One of the biggest skills I think Ive developed over my year and almost a semester here is idea generation. I feel a lot more inspired and passionate about what Im writing. Ive learned to look at a story with different angles and by asking the right questions, these angles can be developed opening up more interesting stories. 

The guardian and Vice are the main newspapers/sites that I look up too. I like the guardians style of writing but I love Vices variety and as of right now Im more interested in feature based articles which is what Vice specializes in. I also like their angles and approaches. 

Diving more into what I find inspirational, I really like the idea of developing a career in travel/culture writing so I also take a lot of inspiration from Rough Guides & Lonely Planet.

To enhance my writing further I really think I need to challenge myself more and spend more time actually writing. I also want to keep reflecting back on feedback and not be afraid to ask for help when I feel necessary.


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