LITERATURE REVIEW 6B - Writing & Editing for Digital Media

Blog – website powered by software easy to publish. Attributes include: archives, hyperlinks, date stamps, tagging and blog rolls. 
Blogs can range from personal diaries to news sites.

Three hallmarks of blogging:
1)   Updated regularly 
2)   Reverse chronological order
3)   Good use of tags

Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform with over 82 million users. Although Google’s blogger is also a popular platform and is easier to use for beginners.

After setting up a blog, there are 10 steps to follow to blog better.

1)   Write every day
2)   Schedule blogging time
3)   Be authentic
4)   Carve out a niche
5)   Be curious & take notes
6)   Engage with comments
7)   Learn the software
8)   Promote yourself
9)   Break up the text
10)                   Be ethical

Live blogging is also popular genre of blogging and can be used to report crisis and events. Live blogging requires preparation and Internet access. The decision also needs to be made what you will post from, laptop? Mobile? Live blogging needs to give the readers a sense of what happened and what you thought.

Without publishers and editors, bloggers often find mistakes in their work. It’s frowned upon in the blogosphere to delete anything, including comments especially when done without explanation. These are some ways in which bloggers should handle mistakes in their work:
·      Make a note at the bottom of the original piece with additional information
·      Strike through the old information and add the new

·      Write a new post and link to the original 

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