LITERATURE REVIEW 7 - Feature Writing

Personal columns are an important part of features, they are written from the point of view of the columnist.

Personal columns divide into two types, opinion pieces and personal viewpoint pieces. Both are subjective pieces offering opinions, evidence and analysis. There may occasions where writers have to share a viewpoint that they personally don’t believe in, but the publication does.

The primary reason for opinion pieces are to leave the reader with the opinion expressed.

A good columnist gets to the point with directness and simplicity. Good columnists also need to be able to meet deadlines. They know their audience and their subject well and they have something to say because they are well read and well informed writers. 

Personal columns include a good mix of description, anecdotes and information. The difference compared to other features is that these columns is that the balance and weight of the mix will reflect the subject, writers take on the subject, type of column, its function and purpose as well as the individual writers style.

Basic rules apply when writing, start as always by grabbing the readers attention and then expand and develop the point.

Pape, S. and Featherstone, S. (2006). Feature writing. pp.p96-105.


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