LITERATURE REVIEW TASK 5 - Online Journalism

Characteristics of online journalism

·      Internet – platform
·      Hyperlinks
·      Non linear storytelling
·      Multimedia
·      Distribute via several platforms
·      Interactive
·      Accessible 
·      Transparent 

Multimedia journalists – work in print, TV, radio & online.

Journalists need to understand how SEO works and how to research quickly and efficiently. 

Stories are found through research, talking to people, connections, breaking news, data, trends and press releases. 
Some ways that online journalist keep on top of what is happening and find relevant content:

·      RSS news feeds
·      Text/email alerts
·      Online calendars
·      Social networking sites
·      Discussion groups 

The principles of good journalism are the same for online journalism. Except online journalism needs to take SEO into account. Journalist’s need to keep in mind:

·      The reader – they make the decision of what they do and don’t read
·      Medium – appropriate content
·      Platform – target and present content

Readers see a small excerpt of the article as it appears in search results, from this they decide whether to click on to the article or not. Journalists need to get to the point in the first paragraph and then back this up with quotes and other information in the following paragraphs.

Bradshaw, P. (2018). The online journalism handbook. London: Routledge, p.Chapter 4.


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