LITERATURE TASK 1 - Feature Writing

What is a feature?

Features are often used to provide background to an existing news story. They are more in depth articles that feature the why opposes to just the what, like in a news article. Features are also often a lot longer than news, with a word count between 600 and 2000. Journalists writing features have more time to prepare their writing opposed to news journalists who are up against the clock, this means feature articles can include a wider range of sources.

How, why and where are features used?

Early news pages – background, added information & colour
The leader page – topical news subject
Opinion page – comment/analysis piece
Further into a newspaper – general feature articles

Who are feature writers?

Features have their own staffed department in larger newspaper which consists of a feature editor and 1+ feature writers. Some papers have specialist reports with specialist subjects and some papers may just use their general reporters and ask them to contribute features. 

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