UK company risks workers and clients by making the move abroad

PlastiMould is a ‘UK Specialist’ technical plastic injection moulder company that is working with the Hungarian government to make the move of their facility from Leeds to Janos Hill Hungary. 

Graham Matthews, CEO of PlastiMould says that the move is “not politically motivated”. The new facility will provide 500 jobs, 80 of which are already filled by both new and old staff. Although Matthews was unsure of the exact percentage of Leeds based workers that are making the move to Hungary, he was sure that all Leeds workers have been offered a job in the new facility, but the majority choosing not to leave the UK have been offered a redundancy plan instead.

As a UK specialist company with UK workers and UK clients, this is set to change in the next few months as Matthews says the percentage of UK customers is set to decrease to 5-10% and the remaining 420 jobs to be filled out in Hungary.

The Leeds facility is set to close in June 2020 and until then, Matthews says he has 6-8 months of hiring the remaining roles left and provide training to ensure PlastiMould is still running once the Leeds facility is fully closed. 


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