Topical Column - How we're missing out on everyday life because of technology

As Christmas approaches, young kids from the age of 10, possibly even younger may be unwrapping their very first phone and then spending Christmas Day discovering social media. 

As the years go on, the exposure of technology seems to be targeting younger people. I know that I didn't receive my first phone till I was 14, but for my sister, who is 6 years younger, she was 11. And I've seen first hand how social media and technology have impacted her life. Did you know that according to the the JAMA Psychiatry Journal, over 6,000 children between the ages of 12 and 15 using social media reported issues including depression, anxiety, loneliness, aggression and anti-social behaviour compared to those who weren't using social media.

But technology doesn't just affect young kids. How many of you are reading this now from your phone? You don't even know what you're missing out on in the world. Everywhere you go nowadays, everyone has their head down. We're missing out on the beauties of the world and we're so unaware of it. Instead you'd rather scroll through Instagram to wonder over someone's sunset photo than to look up and see it for yourself.

I'm aware that technology brings us so many wonderful things and how it really does help us out in this modern world, without it I wouldn't even be able to be writing this now for you. However, don't you think we're starting to take advantage of it to the point where it's causing more harm than good? 

If you're looking low, you're going to feel low. I challenge you for one day to look up. Look up at everything you've been missing, you'd be surprised I'm sure.


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