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New York Skyline taken from the top of the Empire State Building

The City that never sleeps. It’s everyone’s dream destination – but where to start? A walk down Times Square, come face to face with the street performers, see the art of the High Line, laugh like you’re a little kid again at Coby Island.


With direct flights form London, Manchester and Edinburgh to JFK and Newark, booking travel is easy. Expect to pay £400 upwards for a return and travel time from 6.5 to 8 hours for direct flights. 
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Ensure to consider you will need at least a day to recover from time zones and travel time. We recommend a minimum of 10 days to get the most out of the City. New York is 5 hours behind the UK.

When planning, ensure to do your research. Have a listen to travellers Craig & Lina Martins podcast on what they suggest for your trip.


Like the UK, the temperature changes drastically as the seasons change. But NYC is beautiful both in snow and in heat. However do prepare for factors of either season, travelling on the subway in 30 degree heat gets some getting used too.


A couple of $ a day will get you from one side of the City to the other on the subway. Watch Jennifer, a local New Yorker giving the low down on riding on the subway.

On a smaller budget, there’s many hostels or cheap motels to consider.  However it is recommended to put some money away to visit the pricier areas of NYC as it’s part of the experience, you can sacrifice a nice hotel for experiences as being the in city that never sleeps, you wont get much sleep either. 
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A Locals Perspective 

It's fair to say no one knows a City better that its residents so we spoke to 21 year old student Alice and her father 54 year old Rick who have both lived in NYC their entire lives. Here's what they had to say:

Water fountain in Central Park
What's your advice for tourists visiting NYC?

Rick: "You need to come prepared to do it right. My best advice is do your research, speak to locals and know that we are one of the busiest cities in the world so don’t be surprised when the subway is over full or there’s people pushing past you down Times Square – that’s New York! But it’s part of the atmosphere.” 

And where do you recommend for tourists to visit and stay?

Alice: "You have to do the big things. You know like see the statue of liberty, see the skyline from the empire state or Rockefeller centre and definitely go see the 9/11 memorial! But there are also things that people forget or simply don’t know about such as the museums or stuffing your face at smorgasburg. The Colour Factory is a must see too!"

Rick: "Get an Air BnB and speak to the residents, see what they recommend. Personally my favourite outing is the High Line, I could walk that every day.  If you have kids too, make sure you take them to Coby Island. Central park is another one, people just stroll through and leave it at that but you can easily spend a whole afternoon there. Take a picnic, enjoy the weather and really take it all in.”

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